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lil man

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80 points

Really? Of all the places to lay down.

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Clearly my dog loves her birthday present

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he doesn’t look so excited that he got the ball..lol

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She refuses to sit on a bare floor.

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Bodybuilding for singles

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36 points

I can't ever unsee it.

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89 points

When you’re the first one in to work, and you walk into a pristine bathroom

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105 points

Copper, the destroyer of everything

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Copper the Destroyer

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87 points

Best seat in the house

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Drone landed in neighbor's yard

Preview 09cbc419 5b28 474c b43c a84b8fce84e7

Tried to take a picture with my dog.

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When your sniffer is a little too cold for your new friend.

Preview 955001b3 f0da 4fd6 9685 111534bd1bd5

The 4 stages of waking up early

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74 points

I should have called shotgun.

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100 points

In the middle of zooming.

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Only Ozzy is allowed to sit behind the driver.

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