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The 4 stages of waking up early

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17 points

I should have called shotgun.

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In the middle of zooming.

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Only Ozzy is allowed to sit behind the driver.

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I captured the stages of my dog's reaction when she slowly realized that I didn't have any treats.

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72 points

No sense of personal space..

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Party hard

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82 points

True love

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54 points

Prediction for tonight's fight:

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100 points

When you remember Game of Thrones is on tomorrow

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62 points

The dog became possessed again

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KO punch from Heavyweight fight at UFC this weekend.

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Drop kick

Preview bc4d9be1 6a3b 4f91 b4a1 95b20165e097

This B O Y E singin' for his dinner

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21 points

Me going into 2017 vs. 2017 at me

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22 points

Perfectly Timed Lucha - photo credit to @AlexisCMLL

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This tattoo just paid for itself

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58 points

Nailed it

Preview 386e2d40 aae1 4bd7 98e2 b224d08975e8
73 points

No one is safe.

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