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KO punch from Heavyweight fight at UFC this weekend.

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Drop kick

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This B O Y E singin' for his dinner

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16 points

Me going into 2017 vs. 2017 at me

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15 points

Perfectly Timed Lucha - photo credit to @AlexisCMLL

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This tattoo just paid for itself

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52 points

Nailed it

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23 points

No one is safe.

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Snuggle Buddies For Life

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24 points

Friend found these two in the middle of the road. They were both riddled with worms. We each took one to care for and here they are reuniting a little less than a year later.

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106 points

Upvote if you think Mayweather's next opponent should be Butterbean

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20 points

When you don't know the controls so you start button smashing

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17 points

You monster...

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21 points

This tattoo just paid for itself

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Perfect pic from last night's fight.

Preview d1be2505 bbf5 4245 80f5 c9c8d3cb4585

2:50. Perfect mustache time

Preview 942c46b1 9cd0 409e 8fb9 c089f4e3834d

Think I'll sit rightttttt here.

Preview 3daf3640 6e92 4029 9e5d c7e10a0e3b46

Close enough

Preview 4a828c12 6dbf 4e0b 8829 ab1e63d176db
12 points

Popsicle stick

Preview 0797fa32 477d 42dc 9447 7b2ce82fe604

Just saying

Preview 25bdc8a2 889b 4eca 8002 8abe0e1366b4
9 points

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