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My nephew’s goose egg.

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80 points

Caught my baby mid sneeze.

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My daughter looks like Beaker from The Muppets.

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21 points

Ahhh..The Good Old Days

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77 points

My nephew "ruined" this photo by blocking the prop, but turns out he is an angel.

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Inadvertently gave my daughter cat ears with my slippered feet.

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Plumber in training

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I think I used the wrong meme?

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77 points

My aunt just received her son's kindergarten picture.

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60 points

A different Malcolm in the middle scene that I enjoyed.

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68 points

It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

Preview bebb6e7c 180e 4c7e 9681 4f9240c8e0a3
60 points

All This 5-Year-Old Wants To Do Is Help Save Street Cats

Preview 3144bc07 a126 4d9a bc6a 25a2c7458ebd
24 points

Boyfriend thought he was bleeding while pooping

12 points

Saw this on Facebook: Look at her right hand. At least it is not green. #hulk

Preview edd2417c fb9e 46ed a848 96d5ad20e350

My youngest spitting up with perfect timing

Preview a0ec7ecd 4168 4bda b348 b69b7783b224

Yorkie steals toy from baby


Simple pleasures

Preview 19916ad1 ccd7 41d7 8efd 14072f751b1a
125 points

My son snapped at the exact moment of the picture.

Preview 885334d9 e2a8 4d26 82e3 73bee00acc61

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