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"Oh helllll naaw"

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4 points

Look at this meme, its gonna do great!

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8 points

Captain Autism

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166 points

Faka u

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373 points

Did they photoshop hair on Anne Hathaway?

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Circle of life

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179 points

Looks like I will be busy tomorrow.

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160 points

Think fast

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146 points

Hans would be proud

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129 points

Meet The 4-Year-Old Baby Biker Who Has Insane Motorcycle Skills

317 points

Hope she doesn't walk by a magnet!

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148 points

When you're no longer the only child

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139 points

How to tell you're in Canada

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88 points

The Boy Performs 1000 Jumps In Lightning Speed Of 3 Mins And 30 Secs!


Photobomb level- Atomic

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101 points

So, you know trees? Then what kind of wood is this?

Preview 2f4a3e47 abc7 47e4 8a92 766f9d7c1d9c
243 points

Some friendships last forever..

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400 points

Are You blind b*tch?

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241 points

Asian photography

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272 points

Gonna jump? Gonna Fail!

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