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The Blue Unibird

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Launch! Photo by David Mcgowen

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You Ant Seen nothin' yet

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95 points

After a weekend storm in New England, a Puffer Fish was found in a tree.

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94 points

Where my dog decided to poop.

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Squirrel stole my pizza, carries it up a tree, taunts me with it.

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Mamma mia

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68 points

This bird that hung itself right outside my girlfriends window

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135 points

October in Pretoria, South Africa

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Man walking down the street with balloons attached to him.

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64 points

Undercover agent !?

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119 points

The Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching

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81 points

Balloon man walking down the street

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43 points

Italian tree

Preview c0fd7abe 81f8 4b55 ad0f e66b0515f4d8

Fantasy like trees

Preview 83e486e7 0eb7 4bb3 bf4e 41e15b3102f2
59 points


Preview 2e65ca7a aef0 4266 ae94 8c06edd89cc6

Foggy Autumn morning

Preview 5f688c5b 3d7c 4328 8730 41bc10866047
55 points

This tree with humans for scale

Preview 86d54115 4589 4e30 a712 018750dd82e0
73 points

My cat has a secret watching tree. I found it.

Preview 765334a5 a196 4ee7 98e3 a87a268a14f3
23 points

Crown shyness, a phenomenon where the leaves and branches of individual trees don’t touch those of other trees, forming gaps in the canopy

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