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How I learned to mind my own business

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Donut Receipts

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To get to the bus to Hogwarts, please run directly at this sign

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3 points

Wait, what?

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Seems so legit

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1 points

I hate when that happens.

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Just a small reminder

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Yvan Eht Nioj

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Exploring some local drains and came across this.

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You may drop the bass

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Just started leatherworking, so I decided to make a mousepad for work.

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Not mine, but with the fairly recent hype here I thought I'd share.

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6 points

Combine your love for tubas with urination and what do you have?

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124 points

To the post with a three barrelled shotgun...

Preview c9273a9f c3cf 4a69 b83c ea4c81b000dc
205 points

Nazi Goering's Penis Table

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150 points

Swole for the win! except katana and bruce lee

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95 points

The most american thing I can imagine

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472 points

Bullet porn. OATH 12 gauge shotgun round. Expands to 3 1/2" (88mm).

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146 points

Don't steal the soda

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