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A wild teenager appears

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84 points

At a local hamburger restaurant...

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72 points

California's shenanigans have not gone unnoticed

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77 points

Jesus Christ Kevin

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91 points

Girlfriend's eye doctor hit her with a good ol' dad joke today.

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107 points

These illuminati books and papers found in an abandoned house

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65 points


Preview ec351325 239c 4a9f aa43 e77213ebf134
23 points

Spotted today...

Preview db1a3793 a386 41a8 a328 e9d2fa319e9f
74 points

Well! someone was a horrible parent.

Preview 0f6cba00 6462 4d20 99a9 6f99393a541e
85 points

Why Tanklin did not go to the moon

Preview c78e0dca 4df8 442c 8861 a0d42852f087
75 points

A few of the roughly 10,000 new cars destroyed. 2015 Tianjin Explosion, China.

Preview d38ed317 45dd 48c0 99b3 4df6857514f4
88 points

Fight the power, Bill.

Preview e382a6e3 2aee 431e aafd ac3f2ebd9929
96 points

My neighbours an asshole. I figured this note was appropriate.

Preview 8b6de866 6b52 4510 82aa 201309d6219d
93 points

Hide from the police.

Preview 8725fe3e 54ea 41fe 9d8c 02741e8c27d2
98 points

Found this while flipping through Facebook

Preview 54cba76c be9d 4245 b119 c704b9d81df1
100 points

Very smart!

Preview 8ff69bf2 33b6 4ed4 b87d 850ffb08c047
90 points

Mr. Phones

Preview b1580242 ee28 43a2 a9a8 0b682278c177
101 points

How to be petty after a fight

Preview 70eac53c b65a 464a 8f31 bc6ccbfcaa17
86 points

When a 3rd grader uses google to complete their homework...

Preview b58baedb 703e 4401 8b38 e79e2db860c6
73 points

Sounds like a fun place to work

Preview 3156742d 8b08 4f2f 8360 0109eb8a6596
104 points

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