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If they believe in me, then I can believe in me.

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18 points

Just seems a little excessive...

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55 points

Guy wanted his prop trophies blank, got this instead

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24 points

Max must NOT be allowed in the library. Cross posted from r/cats

Preview fa71beeb 7dee 4707 a8a7 7a95b0272178
21 points

Only in America!

Preview 8347c9f0 a752 49ee b7dd e2734edaa242
18 points

An Ex-Lawyer sneaks in to a bedroom...

Preview fdf3f4ab 8a62 49bd 80e5 eb78b229a83e

Opened one of the display books on the shelves at Ikea

Preview 31ce0d25 95a7 403a ac01 24ae369d8e45

Outside of my local pub

Preview 1c1f5245 78e9 426b 83a3 2303ba69b731
16 points

I feel for this guy...

Preview 5ad47f21 4eba 440d a79b 3da23e6b2212
75 points

The more you know

Preview 345df113 0771 46bd aadd 530c9a07fb65
67 points

What the fact about Lincoln

Preview 8df68c0d 241c 4571 9fe7 9a1af5bdacd4
68 points

Help get this prank to a new level.

Preview 2240d28d f5b0 4e46 a6fa 1ed17e29d0ed
122 points

Badass af.

Preview f19100a7 2637 48a5 a1f9 7367c3b3a9c5
19 points

How I learned to mind my own business

Preview 98400eae 9653 412c ac22 bac569524e0e
75 points

Donut Receipts

Preview 95a58970 e3a2 42e2 bfeb 32bdd004d9fe
4 points

To get to the bus to Hogwarts, please run directly at this sign

Preview 380443fc 5a0e 4bf3 bf2b 15f1362b8fb2
5 points

Wait, what?

Preview 8d3afbfe 2b5a 4cd3 a458 acba4a3fc56a

Seems so legit

Preview a941e644 fc39 4bd4 a764 1b33e50627e5
3 points

I hate when that happens.

Preview c7539586 0e2a 4e68 971a b22f093ed373
3 points

Just a small reminder

Preview f4fee6a2 e7bb 4951 b7c6 f28f5ce8fedd
2 points

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