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When your self consciousness is too much

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173 points

No truer words have been spoken

Preview d27c00ba 796a 4b36 a460 8737f0684f72
218 points

Wanted: Orange Cat

Preview 563241e8 a7b2 464c 861d 4ac85b4a5577
170 points

Creative? Yes Drunk? Also, yes

Preview da50b611 a3d8 44a4 b09f 11d2e7628892
141 points


Preview 7ef69623 915d 470f bbca 1b57c6900ef8
160 points

Stupid bumper sticker.

Preview 712775fc f5c7 4f2f 9d96 ad11111d1b00
159 points

This is actually a proven method

Preview 043acbcd 7cf9 4887 b1a2 a597f5ddee62
256 points

Cute things to call your girlfriend.

Preview 9ba5be79 0162 4990 98cd f4c3aa6cda53
181 points

Police patrolling the rough streets

Preview bc647d10 8ba2 4a9f 9388 570023e0cbe4
164 points

Found this in the dressing room of a local consignment shop

Preview 16d6a844 db7a 409f 8f37 5e6e19e4262f
119 points

Patient experiencing rare side effects during a clinical trial for Ambien

Preview 955a98b6 1552 492c 8595 79a3ee7cd72b
160 points

We’ve all been there....

Preview 18b75300 3698 4927 851d df9e5c364ea6
124 points

Guy’s been dead 19 years and his was the only grave disturbed...

Preview ba5bb4e0 afd8 47bf 9935 ac20744c459f
105 points

This sign is hanging in the dining area of our local Greek restaurant.

Preview 41d511b3 a9d7 4e1f aec7 d5d72c638631
107 points

A bible store in Kansas has trouble understanding the meaning of this quote

Preview 9d25bc16 342e 4d41 831a 45faf70faa7f
109 points

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

Preview 09fb3e02 f732 419f 84a0 302d612381ee
120 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

Preview 78463068 5f69 4eff 8f69 122108ee4b67
138 points

Any hairdressers in the area?

Preview e88b9429 dfe7 483f 9102 9365e46d8325
126 points

Deciding who to wife

Preview 9fa89149 0cf7 4b32 aa3f 16a185daa67b
120 points

Math is hard. Don't let it get you down

Preview d8846d78 53a2 4e26 8adf c60c230dbf50
97 points

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