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Just one of the many interesting menu items here at the Calgary Stampede this year. Cricket Grilled Cheese.

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138 points

exotic bread

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114 points


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112 points

Made myself a penutbutter yelly sandwitch

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92 points

It’s like practically eating Oxiclean

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125 points

Lost track of the toddler for 2 minutes

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109 points

Dinner is served

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80 points

My mouth is foaming

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93 points

I could fill a hot air balloon with Lays air™ smh

Preview 08a6a843 2e16 47a7 969e ecaab7a107b4
120 points

Inflatable toast

Preview 2a413449 65bc 475b b699 370fc758e135
115 points

Tasty double bacon with a surprise!

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119 points

Every time I visit r/food

Preview d018aa6d 0f8f 4dd7 b0c2 60a03db57846
119 points

Bee infestation of a grill in Australia

Preview 2bf37bc8 bda0 49ad 8876 4d8bf4437d2d
104 points

Delicious grilled honey.

Preview c3ba4a59 4ebb 4129 b6fa 6529e337efb9
95 points

I send Wiener art!

Preview 377ea850 8683 4b97 a5f5 3c02833d8ae7
116 points

My friends mother thought that the croissants would just roll themselves up while cooking...

Preview d4758f34 b511 4ca0 9ac6 0a639c28de6e
112 points

Don't you hate it too?

Preview 3c5ab4e5 802e 4ae4 9e9b 1fa666a51c8c
83 points

No way, Jose

Preview c3bbceb7 d10e 466a a26e abd51f814d6b
106 points

Perfect snapshot of a squirt of ketchup

Preview 553d9e57 1d95 40d1 922d faebbbfded7e

...and a diet coke please, i don't want to get fat

Preview aa25c67b 98b3 47eb 96fb 82f6ecba20cb
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