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Grilling a turwhathafucken today!

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19 points

a couple of meatloaf babies...

Preview 7e74f437 5b16 4bd9 bc8c fa27a87a5f24
70 points

Who else wants some Pizger

Preview 36afdb0e a85c 4d99 9bef a909ff21e4d6
24 points


Preview c47103c1 0f1a 45f8 a1a0 ef334a587a7e
20 points

If Lays made Bread - 2017 Edition

Preview d5a6d58f 877a 4a9a aee0 aa62dca1a7a6
15 points

Don't mess with baguette people

Preview 80bf05e7 0203 46b5 9d3a 04a533bd868e

Just because it's unique, doesn't mean it's useful

Preview fec5383b 6319 4f57 88ed 5de5a249dd9b
70 points

Precious though...

Preview 46bd90ed be3c 43a2 9d23 516b8fd6ba4b

I'm still full.

Preview 1d126988 eb43 4eef a6fe 2b21912e1ee1
24 points

After being away on the east. this is heaven

Preview 04498f2b 6324 42be 9e8d aa42f8f13e16
20 points


Preview 7cbea488 2498 4d90 8561 afeca4367c95
21 points

The artwork of bees.

Preview 7cbd188f 5053 478d b966 3e5c0ed0db31
23 points

This is how a French spy hide his knife

Preview 2626169a 7176 44e0 bec0 f9901aedd29c
21 points

Me with a boyfriend vs me without

Preview 94cba7fc 6ab3 4372 a6f6 dd9eace7b7af
2 points

Does this increase your anxiety

Preview ec10e49b 8fb3 47a1 b3d5 a4c358cc7413
7 points

Try it again!!!

Preview a2be6b9d 28dd 4a10 a7e3 842f726ceba5
11 points

And let your brother Ikea help you

Preview b278c8a0 0e9f 4e9e 8bc9 11fb6616d724
23 points

LPT- eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell nets you a second taco absolutely free. You're welcome world.

Preview 65e0b969 e917 49fb b131 ffb80be66220
17 points

To the guy with the medieval book with cat paws on it: Here is a 2000-year-old roman brick

Preview e443e929 e0c2 4417 865e baaa4fa016f0
6 points

Damn lol what a guy

Preview 1be6a978 e8ca 4326 b052 72049b849cd8
4 points

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