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Miss Innocent

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126 points

ah thing!!!!!

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85 points

This neezus. She decided to chew a remote and cost me $2000. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

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Dog or Dogn't?

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84 points

She owns my remotes.

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Cool, I need a dog like this one.

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125 points

Still can’t get over how creepy this dog is. It’s been months and I cringe every time I look into his beady little old man eyes.

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98 points

I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple. Close enough, I guess.

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159 points


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153 points

The things I've seen

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189 points

Less than 4 hours after this bath, she rolled in a dead bird. With such gusto, too

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Imagine the birds thoughts when he took a peek out of his house.

Preview ba41827d dac8 4fc3 8dd6 6699119c2ec8

The chair is a little extra lumpy today..

Preview 74f9b958 cd83 4562 9069 d91498d6027e

Happy Nightmare Day

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127 points

We all missed you Boss

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146 points

Thug pug was a bad boy

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My roommate's puppy posing for a picture on my dog.

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Cat or bed ?

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