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Rate my sploot

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16 points

Not mine but very important to know!

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15 points

Shut up Karen

Preview 9f06e8d3 7c2e 4195 b84b 57ee8a13d068
12 points

This is a rare double doggo. upvote for 7 years of good luck

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12 points

This is actually pretty good

Preview b2f6132a daf6 4b6c 9937 9e7540d9819e
13 points

He did not pet me once, he is not a goodboy

Preview 56dcc3e0 4228 449e b589 bc4f7d704e49
13 points

Town is that way

Preview c8708b05 3015 42a7 9b2f 234f7992f126
13 points

What you think about those Husky-Labrador Mix

Preview 3512351c 0abd 45d5 9fa9 834984a90a27
11 points

Hello darkness my old friend

Preview ddcc25ff 62d3 4a9b 97c4 c60c883e1d57
14 points

My husband and I will randomly send this picture of our dog to cheer each other up. It has never failed.

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11 points

Clever boy

Preview cc9d5d2b ca6e 4681 8155 50215c5ee116
78 points

Hmmm, not sure.

Preview 831ad682 ae6c 43af 884c 587c280f087a
11 points

How did we get so lucky to have these animals as pets?

Preview 4e9345db 6154 4054 8c36 7bf6c4309229
8 points

Bye bye, mommy!

Preview 833193c3 1fef 4ec3 a549 74feea589d46

Good boyyyy

Preview c5398b81 aff7 4bd2 85fc ea0e9a633bab
12 points

Squishy Squashy

Preview 392ad313 662e 4f1a 9d8c a4a4fe30d770
12 points

Your daily visit by doggo!

Preview 76fb0ffe 7377 4f00 a20a 6ef1afddce48
16 points

My poor Aladin was betrayed today.

Preview 74389e58 1639 42be b5c3 06a711d07e29
85 points


Preview 7614f116 3c4a 413d 89a0 48afc783c9e6
16 points

Good doggo

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13 points

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