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That's a good pupper

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A dog with it's own pop art portrait.

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13 points

My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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13 points

Yes,I can hear them

Preview f6bcb243 ae82 4bc9 ab96 42ad2a613c92

B O Y E does a evolve

Preview 92cc0086 aa40 4348 bdab 1104ff37eb35
11 points

"You could at least waited for me to go for a walk, Molly"

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14 points

Moon moon

Preview 36f15485 66f9 4efc ae72 68702840b918
11 points

WANTED: Cattsy Catteta

Preview af8f2c1b 4086 4a9c a465 76c1dc860f8f

Perfect resting spot

Preview 0774f73a 1a24 44d0 9da8 f0f96d4f0342
8 points

Small dog escapes..

Preview 0013df1b fad2 42dd 9777 6cd7b09951d7

Pet Fox Becomes Best Friends With dog

Preview 21f8ce51 9128 4921 b2c2 1c62849b71fb

I got balls more then you have

Preview 1f081722 da95 4b39 8bd4 206200ba680e
138 points

When your parents try out Skype for the first time

Preview 969817e2 d139 4e41 bcc0 227fb528c5e0
2 points

4 horsemen of the Apawcatypse VS 4 Doggo goddo

Preview 0bc782cc 1528 49c6 a0fd 17e55c165285

Proud DAD

Preview d32f6a0a e1a1 43ae 90a0 c5595d3b4076

Bet they won't notice me now!

Preview 6d86a2e4 d0d0 495a a4fd ae248bcd4e10
2 points

Only car guys will understand

Preview 473807c2 0921 45c4 afbd 91427ee9872d
202 points

You mean... unduckover

Preview d547b0ae 60e6 440e 8c0f dfaa02095993
192 points

I saw this, and couldn't resist

Preview 50bb6d4a 0c22 4200 88f2 38316d3223ff

Every shy person should have one of this

Preview 85e60caf f745 4095 8f76 d6e2cd5c68a6
90 points

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