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My 8yr old son said that this was, 'A big honking meeting.'

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75 points

That doesn't seem safe....

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Bring it on, Irma

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68 points

Why I have trust issues

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21 points

My dream home

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76 points

How does this even happen??

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24 points

Slav guardian angel

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61 points

Do not read this

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112 points

Pedestrian crossing in Pompei, AD 79

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40 points

When you have to evacuate, but meme is life

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92 points

Irma gerd!

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19 points

We had a sudden burst of rain.

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70 points

When germans go to the beach

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83 points

I am the malest man

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189 points

Had a few floppies lying around...I decided to make this...

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23 points

Goats climbing a brick wall

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23 points

Even windows are hitting the gym these days

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7 points

For all Futurama fans out there....

Preview 2b0de4d7 31e1 4faa 8353 8c3f83782d18

Inception doggo

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9 points

17 People Who Absolutely Don’t Give AF

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111 points

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