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We Meet Them At The World’s Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarban

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Aerial shot of Sunday's Amtrak crash

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79 points

Glass paneling separates a walled garden from the living area of a Franca, Brazil home

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82 points

A simply perfect reading room, Germany

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71 points

#tb to when I climbed an awesome 40 storey crane in east London.

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Kyoto State House.

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Fireworks + wind + long exposure + traffic = Lots of lights!

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My job is something straight out of this sub

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Great View onto the Golden Gate Bridge

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Airport long exposure

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61 points

Balcony of ASU Student Pavilion

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33 points

House goals

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23 points

Life on the edge

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Iowa's High Trestle Trail bridge

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32 points

Rooftop bar in Shanghai

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I took a picture of a seagull at the London Eye

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Tasman Bridge Disaster, 1975

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Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

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36 points

By far my favorite photo I've taken of the Golden Gate bridge.

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