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This little guy and the Golden Gate

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Hiroshima Orizuru Tower - Hiroshi Sambuichi. Looks like an awesome place for a sparing session / fight scene

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23 points

Anyone still wonder why OSHA exists?

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The Ice road across Lena River in Russia

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Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

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Mountainside train ride

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Let's hang out

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Runaway train hits the water

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The bus stop that I go to everyday

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This is what my nightmares are made of

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These window washers in Mexico City

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Pam & Paul's House / Craig Steely Architecture , Cupertino, 2016

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Living spaces sinked into concrete floor

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George Washington Bridge Painter: Dangerous Jobs


Makes sense

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96 points

Road trains in Australia

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Vittorio Brumotti biking on Anghel Saligny bridge


How bridge foundations are laid in waterways

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This is Accurate ...

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This looks like safe to me

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