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The bus stop that I go to everyday

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88 points

This is what my nightmares are made of

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These window washers in Mexico City

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Pam & Paul's House / Craig Steely Architecture , Cupertino, 2016

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46 points

Living spaces sinked into concrete floor

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20 points

Makes sense

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87 points

Road trains in Australia

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How bridge foundations are laid in waterways

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This is Accurate ...

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69 points

This looks like safe to me

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There’s no bloody way I’m working down there!

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Mid-Century Modern Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

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48 points

We Meet Them At The World’s Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarban

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Aerial shot of Sunday's Amtrak crash

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82 points

Glass paneling separates a walled garden from the living area of a Franca, Brazil home

Preview 80e2df21 7ba2 4a41 ad10 eaa087fddc82
87 points

A simply perfect reading room, Germany

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84 points

Crossing the Vitim River bridge along the BAM Road in Siberia


#tb to when I climbed an awesome 40 storey crane in east London.

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Kyoto State House.

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Fireworks + wind + long exposure + traffic = Lots of lights!

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