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78 points

Best seat in the house

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Drone landed in neighbor's yard

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A tired cow

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67 points

Exodia Caffeinate!

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74 points

Sales calls... Amirite?!?

Preview 6b7022cf 24b4 41a3 adbe 5d95a6559cc2

She will literally rest her head on anything

Preview ea36a645 5624 4dc7 904a 7a0129d80298
59 points

"please kill me"

Preview 651dcc00 b85f 4c16 85e8 9dc0ec7f89be
51 points

Squatting bear chilling underneath guys house

Preview 5029f618 330a 4480 9bad b26e37009c76

My cat does this a lot

Preview 3fed763a 804f 4ffa 9efb ac1504163e25

Every time I visit r/food

Preview d018aa6d 0f8f 4dd7 b0c2 60a03db57846
98 points

The dog used him as a pillow

Preview 9510cdab 65d2 4dc3 97b9 f37193491727
90 points

Another young actor's life destroyed

Preview 92b6446e b18a 4b5a 9836 adde4cb5af0d

My cat was sleeping in the dog's spot, so he passive-aggressively sat on her.

Preview d8b44e95 dd54 4fac 8b74 c5d12deba1e3

In the middle of zooming.

Preview 5f6553af 0e35 4e36 8bf6 011cbb550b73

I saw the chew toy earlier and I raise you all this.

Preview 0c70da32 08fc 4c3e afa1 c5e1c64826b5
76 points


Preview 2e08b1f8 2e49 443c 985c 8e7510fc691a

Is there a problem?

Preview e3c48ede 9614 41b7 99fc e77317643c6f

That doesn't seem safe....

Preview b151b4f8 9a66 4153 8592 ee42e9532dc1

Someone is comfy

Preview a4508c93 f6f0 43b2 b1e0 1431f4422758

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