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ok sir !

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Never invited back😔

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Me when I took parents car

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A cat! Is that a cat! It’s definitely a cat.. annnnd he’s gone.

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He refuses to be trained

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I pet my dog in Italian.

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When you catch the dude who's been sniffing yo girls butt at the bark park

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Tough day at the office.

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exotic bread

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My cousins met American Pharoh at the stud farm...

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I love you too :)

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Horse photobombing another horse

Preview 971320aa cb3c 4c0d b1c3 987ff2f9f199

y = -x^3

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Found this, Donkey is just trying to prevent sewer work it seems!

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It's alot of work being a parent.

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I gots clean teefies now

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Happy Puppy! I got him at the perfect time and it looks like he’s laughing!

Preview 371fd2cd 20db 45ac 88a5 a4d6364555ff

My kid and dogs might be about to drop the hottest rap album of the year?

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101 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

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