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This is pretty cool ο_ο

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I feel this is accurate

Preview 7c78c2e0 7c59 42ce a20b cd7bb010ce2f
174 points

Caterpillars shed their heads!

Preview 87180d11 9660 483d a632 ec05dc3676b0
120 points

Landed on the window for a second

Preview b6e5dad6 a5a5 47cb b0c6 1ff5367acea5

Oh no

Preview 61d67949 7f33 4a7b a097 c49a4bbedfc7
92 points

This mosquito has stolen a lot of blood

Preview f5ac4f04 2754 4e58 892b a241f2ad0e7f
77 points

Bee pooping mid-flight

Preview 85eb82d4 ec8c 44ce aee4 3bda50f0abb4
116 points

Kill it with fire

Preview d234596a 96fa 413f be30 af136456c030
93 points

Is that little guy doing a fist pump?

Preview 7069c293 7ba9 451d 8aec 99f26ee47ad2
119 points

I do not blame this man for his actions

Preview cd4d5b45 c177 4c36 be10 20d1afca0f5c
118 points

Blue-banded bee

Preview 7363af53 7410 4b6d ab55 ad2016b05c69
102 points

Ow! That's my back!

Preview e55f3c58 3bd8 475f afb6 99526fb66b70

Wasps are c**ts

Preview 19f815e3 0ab8 46a5 a2c0 f68c29c5360c
114 points

Large Insect


Ladybug Liftoff

Preview d9d2a25c 7dce 4553 9892 b3c76d51d115

🔥 The Scorpion Dragon Fly. Yes, they exist.🔥

Preview fdca9349 8aa1 42ca bb85 3e70b6ae554a
62 points

A golden beetle. Never seen before.

Preview 3602502e 247f 419e b601 43491bd9fc8a
58 points

4 your own good, forget it

Preview 6af1afa8 8b68 4f1b b662 94c08db17388
76 points

How to Secretly open Velcro


Killed this thing in my house earlier can anyone identify wtf it is? About the size of a quarter

Preview 47cddd00 a303 4ba8 8cd4 efd415961a5a
111 points

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