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Very spacious living room, located in Nova Lima, Brazil

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20 points

Abdeen Palace, the residence of the president of Egypt, in Cairo

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18 points

Dining room in Sedona, Arizona

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19 points

Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

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21 points

I will just go around those blinking things

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78 points

Bright reading area features wooden herringbone floors in this townhouse in Brooklyn.

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21 points

Do not read this

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80 points

Have you ever wondered how 9GAG HQ looks like?

Preview 15de9321 c3fb 40fa a18f d54d289b0d4e
78 points

Geared up for getting down

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23 points

On this day marking the disgraceful events in Virginia and in the spirit of remembering what history holds, Court Room 600

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14 points

Let the bodies hit the floor

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19 points

Meanwhile in Asia

Preview 082d7d6a a8e8 4fb8 a2f9 c7c524225608
54 points

Autumn in Germany

Preview 8c34f765 f1b4 4d1b a52a c3a84e63a42b
15 points

Collage House, Mumbai, India

Preview 0285ffc1 da52 46c6 824d 0de8c07aa9c6
57 points

Warm and inviting library in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado.

Preview 3a9e0c13 4eaf 48eb 981e 50cabfd5937c
22 points

Some shots I got in Venezia. what do you guys think? :)

Preview c64d7a13 df3d 445c 997c 5912894a6816

Irmagerd, please.....

Preview 0296a8dd 8b7e 4426 8921 a3e974bbe86a
15 points

I saw NYC reflected down the side of a skyscraper

Preview d4b77d42 f7e7 4ceb aa10 711538ad8e6a
15 points

Kazan, Russia

Preview 2e2e76ca 8fdb 4c96 b559 f590279f961d
9 points

What about curry ?

Preview 286d557f 84ed 48c8 ad3b 354687c8aa47
17 points

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