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The post below this one is gay

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Stunning home theatre room in Long Island, NY.

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54 points

Typical scandinavian design at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm

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Entrance way displays the original trusses and joists in the roofline while blending tile and brick on the walls in this former Victorian Hat Factory in London.

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Not only working the pole🙀

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Can we have some railings here please?

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Saw this guy selling a “bull penis” as a walking cane.

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Must of been a rough divorce.

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The first library in Latin America. Puebla, Mexico.

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We’re going into 2018 when this guy is going into 2108

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Building the Atlanta Braves new stadium

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HK 360°

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Columbia Tower Seattle 1980

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Job you probably never thought was a job: Vladimir Lenin body conservationist

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What you looking at lol

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A field covered in spiderwebs near flood waters in Wagga Wagga, Australia

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Game of Thrones themed hotel in Kittilä, Finland made of ice and snow

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well, that's one way to park it

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This sign in La Paz, Bolivia.

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