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This is why men die before women

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Russian guy fixing his air conditioning.

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Good News Everyone!

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The Amish raising a barn in Hammond, NY in 2017

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Rainy streets

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Today is the 22nd anniversary of when Homer Simpson started painting the car-hole.

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I'll just park these jets right here. You gonna drink that?

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Somewhere in Netherlands

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Saw this walking around a neighborhood

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The kind of art work I do.

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Well played, trickster.

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My years of gaming experience have taught me that there is a secret behind this wall.

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Whoever put this mannequin by the window has a sick sense of humor.

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Cool Facts About Sweden

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I had a problem with birds at my house. Not anymore!

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A Technicolor Basketball Court Emerged in Paris

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Hoverboard on High Rise


Modern architecture was a mistake.

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Chinese Kung Fu masters show off their skills at Eiffel tower.

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