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After a pigeon flew into a window...

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86 points

Hey Elon

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149 points

Just try to fucking cage me again

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Hong Kong

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Yo! Jerry is asleep again. Greg get the plastic cups!

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259 points

My niece’s veil blew off. But they caught it

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206 points

My buddy’s house got struck by lightning, caught fire, and immediately caved in.

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134 points

Timing and symmetry.

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What is this supposed to say???

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129 points

Doll House

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95 points

29 square meter loft apartment features a staircase bookshelf and a sleeping nook above living space - located in Wroclaw, Poland.

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96 points

Beautiful cottage kitchen with plenty of natural light and a view of the lake in Ontario, Canada

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97 points

Sorry, eh?

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97 points

A glass-enclosed space looking into greens, located to be perpetually in shade by the surrounding walls and existing buildings in New Delhi, India.

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84 points

Industrial 1702 square foot loft apartment located in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, Washington.

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81 points

Wait, this is not Google.

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137 points

That’s quite the squad hang out.

Preview 78b656e6 da63 4fa6 a554 23537ba4d51f

1 upvote 1 prayer

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139 points

Priced out of housing market: 1 bedroom condo + den decorated to house 2 parents & 3 kids

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84 points

Someone spray painted on those stars...

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