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This building looks like a PS4

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97 points

The way this movie theater sign is laid out

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175 points

Best place to put a door

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149 points

Would not be my 1st choice of window

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160 points

Aerial view of my city

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102 points


Preview e68928fc 5057 4c48 9d42 faed9d3a7765
112 points

Mural painted by Wyle E Coyote?

Preview c03200b4 46b8 4726 8867 aea78c4791d4
119 points

We have a new dog. The cats are not happy.

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84 points

Krakow, Poland.

Preview 5dc82f66 42d3 4566 9ce2 a2256a099440
74 points

Just why?

Preview 46694387 425e 4922 805f 4dc416503fad
134 points

Landscaping done right

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112 points

Close enough

Preview 8c038fc9 ba2c 4a89 b7ce 12f7a93084d8
163 points

Finally I found it!

Preview de1a763e 5836 4ea2 be17 51205cb6a179
128 points

I love my hometown :-)

Preview c8f13272 bb80 4636 99e4 9a55094a3594
152 points

In Israel we have 2 Towers Hugging

Preview f3384700 fc9d 481e a8ed cff95065f44a
124 points

The inside of pizza tower...I was dissapionted

Preview cbda6919 8318 4f69 b19b 028a1f1a9ba2
125 points

These 23 photos probably make you feel a bit uncomfortable

Preview 3bd45b51 0db4 44c2 af13 f559e2071bcb
115 points

See How This 3D Printed House Is Built In Only 24 Hours - And Yes It's Fully Functional

177 points

6 months after Rio 2016. What a waste of money.

Preview 1bc2f929 0aba 4d1d 9bb3 7fd89006f0c6
108 points

Trains in Bulgaria are comfy

Preview b46658eb 8e9d 4f5e a87f 05f913082fd1
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