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I'm not like him ..

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He bite my foot 😱


Say hi to my spotter

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When your parents try FaceTime for the first time

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"What a comfy pillow!"

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My poor Aladin was betrayed today.

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Son makes a heckin good hat

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Blaze his first night and almost a year later

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The moment my dog kicked him in the balls. Sorry for potato quality

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True! ✅

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"What a comfy pillow!"

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Scooob where are you?

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When your parents try out Skype for the first time

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19 points

Proud DAD

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What If The Animals On This Planet Were Round?

187 points

WATCH: Guy Takes His Bulldog On A Helicopter Ride For His Birthday

231 points

When your parents try Skype for the first time

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