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WTF car in the parking lot

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98 points

Idiot was already taken

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96 points

Celebrating 30 years!

Preview 3fb867d2 a717 47e8 a6a4 dbe63cbdf49a
121 points

Spotted the flu running around town

Preview b5aafe5a 3615 4950 aa7a 95367d9c8d3b
81 points

Does anyone know the use case of having cut up pieces of tire as your rear window?

Preview 3baeccb2 cb19 481c a0a8 30fac848cfd1
86 points

Remember, Jesus died for your rims

Preview eaac08c5 95f2 4685 92cf 9af61fd36eed
93 points

Teeny PP

Preview bdb5ba0a 7601 49e8 9416 039b331232aa
71 points

Was mad that I got cut off. Read the license plate and chuckled

Preview 1da78e01 be50 4b9a 95e5 0b536f459779
87 points

He’s an ash guy

Preview b76ec2ad 6eed 435d 8ca0 f7499a2ddf28
93 points

Better open your eyes

Preview c65e0072 ede0 4629 a803 ad78a0e317f9
98 points

Damn squirrel.

Preview 400f46fa 9cce 43ff a5e7 efd4016a16a1
106 points

Vanity plate captured by my friend in Lancaster, OH

Preview eadba94b 6d74 412b af58 fac9a487a975
104 points

Found this gem while helping a friend move.

Preview ed1e5bdd 1431 465f 8f30 4bdbe343d015
91 points

Funny Carbumper sticker

Preview 79b83713 b519 4118 95e8 2af1f03bb9b9
70 points

Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

Preview 3bc113c9 9cab 4d9d b7c6 499b3fe69b03
65 points

“Honk all you want, I’m deaf.”

Preview c9ed2865 0e70 4f87 9126 7ab1a635027b
116 points

Got cut off today

Preview 648eaa93 e15a 4973 b24c c318b88e9de8
86 points

Giant Googley Eyes. Best Purchase Ever.

Preview 02cccabe 3a74 406f 9b4b 84df6c58244c
68 points

When you're low key trying to offend everyone on the road.

Preview f43931f3 dc72 4232 9071 15f19e6bc799
94 points

I giggled more than I should have.

Preview 1a54d1cf e861 4479 afaf 87407b190951
79 points

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