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Found this gem while helping a friend move.

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81 points

Funny Carbumper sticker

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66 points

Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

Preview 3bc113c9 9cab 4d9d b7c6 499b3fe69b03
48 points

“Honk all you want, I’m deaf.”

Preview c9ed2865 0e70 4f87 9126 7ab1a635027b
51 points

Got cut off today

Preview 648eaa93 e15a 4973 b24c c318b88e9de8
74 points

Giant Googley Eyes. Best Purchase Ever.

Preview 02cccabe 3a74 406f 9b4b 84df6c58244c
58 points

When you're low key trying to offend everyone on the road.

Preview f43931f3 dc72 4232 9071 15f19e6bc799
89 points

I giggled more than I should have.

Preview 1a54d1cf e861 4479 afaf 87407b190951
73 points

I have been in Florida for 10 minutes

Preview 1d7663ba 4be0 48d9 b8c9 352c5ca0cd3a
84 points

I've seen some weird license plates before, but this is mystifying

Preview 4e485dd0 d584 436b 8441 f1328276cd18
77 points

Sticker shock

Preview 8ff85da9 0806 43de b70a a4a0c80fb6a7
85 points

Concrete truck rolls over directly on a car

Preview bd939566 684d 4b0f 814f fb8719536194
22 points

this guy gets it

Preview 1f05ea8b 44d8 4882 9d95 b4af9e0006df
41 points

From r/funny

Preview 27d4c450 f1b8 4dc7 9a63 4457fca3ab18

A Totaled Eclipse

Preview eb60e776 7006 45a1 98fc 947a68715211
62 points

Is Hot Fuzz your favorite movie?

Preview 29814384 bb35 4a57 8932 a4e57fcddf87
19 points

No! Get out!

Preview 61a89e49 0eb7 4f41 b0c9 83a10b8607ad
76 points

Texas Traffic

Preview bc307b12 4e95 4ff4 b4a8 0a4e9fba9876
65 points

That's an idea I guess

Preview bd7c33bf 9de8 454c 82a1 1844f19388a4
90 points

What the shit??

Preview 68b42563 02a4 4130 93f9 db91248526a1
65 points

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