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These care instructions on my son's swim diaper

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230 points

Jerk sit

Preview b61059d8 b6e4 4c18 9a1f cfdeba6c0484

My dog piddled out a shark

Preview 216fe5ee 1e9c 4fd6 b2ea 612aa8458d62

Went to KFC in China...

Preview 5cdf1bce 931c 428d bce3 1f1b7e51939a
94 points

Oyster Grits

Preview 30df3696 e4b3 43a9 951b 593782251198
80 points

My puppy places all of his toys on his bed and then sleeps on the floor. Go figure 🤷🏻‍♀️

Preview a68a6fb2 f98d 462e 8b52 13e136d4e6c9
110 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

Preview afe2bd72 2d79 49ae b1e4 e9586213eae5
115 points

“Better than nothin’”

Preview d5881cb3 fc2e 497f 9b71 7493075e721c
99 points

The suspect and her handiwork

Preview 1c62d545 cc83 4c53 b164 e0261d92c803

A counterpoint to Musk's free advertisement.

Preview 8ab271da 7e71 43eb 8976 d8a721ef8e92
108 points


Preview c1b2e374 5d92 45ce 8dfe 5bc51e570337
87 points

The littlest bully in the world.

Preview df941eb3 fdb7 4364 8825 944b0c185638


Preview 4a6abb54 f0f3 42c8 9c4b 947e81d516f4
100 points

Early Christmas present

Preview 51863920 5af0 4f1c 9c25 b69ec73c6bb6
120 points

I’m never ordering a seal from ebay again.

Preview 02cefe5e a469 4681 8e47 782ab01a5e90
58 points

I suppose that's one way to go about it...

Preview ffefe8de 1737 41b3 b09f 70c61c1072b9
110 points

Women are so complex

Preview 6c266a93 bcde 4c01 8ea9 118bf02e2fc0
76 points


Preview 5e273a22 33cf 41eb a8b4 b1bbde8b062f
49 points
Preview df38607a 1d03 43db 938b 0b1fb1f80ade
116 points

What a workout

Preview 8cffee9e 56bd 4e5b b6d1 403b276d0dae
104 points

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