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I didn’t even know he was in town! So excited

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161 points

Savage bus

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89 points

I Have No Words

Preview 83f2d20b 8a03 441d a174 93b1640956cf
94 points

Bit of a shitty situation

Preview 3fb99ee3 4d0b 44a6 abac 8e4a3219cb5d
126 points

Friend took this while driving in Angola today

Preview d5e163a4 40f5 425c 9ad7 cb4c5c8d4463
119 points

Omsk, Siberia, Russia

Preview 8aad64b1 6a4f 4cdb 89e3 79f32a0451d6
92 points

Nope, definitely not a school bus.

Preview d2f3093f 940f 4c1e b714 76b9d1a74c3b
94 points

The administration has decided there will be no more snow days

Preview 74bcb01d 4012 4698 bb00 8387103c4945
94 points

**Beware** If you see this vehicle, stay away!

Preview 8bf4e0f5 af22 44bf 95da 3987eb48e51d
168 points

Political correctness

Preview a79f65c6 9e44 4f66 9ea6 ef53d02aef8d
109 points

Registered VW van from Slovenia with inside mattress and stickers on both sides.

Preview e98682f9 b10f 4280 92b3 ee82543a718a
111 points

Mercedes-Benz has encased 1979 G-Wagen in the world's biggest installation of synthetic resin to look like amber. 44.4 tonnes cast in 90 days

Preview 909a7fed 3cb7 44f4 9a60 5db0dbf6e5cc
127 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

Preview 2fbaec0c 030b 48bd a28d eaec62fc6bf3
139 points

Wonder when he realized

Preview 18c60217 4ef5 410c 995a ebeb0f69000f
89 points

Train Over A Bridge

Preview 07f54f27 68e8 4c07 9cb7 594eff566723

In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

Preview ea212822 e51a 4ea3 9149 682f36b3c4be
147 points

Wait a minute...

Preview ebece50d 9b55 45c7 93cd f612b69a60a8
55 points

He is f**ked...

Preview 7feeccdc f878 4e95 9d2e c56246105e73
108 points

As a parent pushing 40, I've never related to a bumper sticker more...

Preview 223a0ec4 f9e6 4f45 af64 96541ad6bcf6
111 points

why does this exist

Preview 39af6251 48ed 4be2 ac3c 66a3957abfcb
62 points

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