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The administration has decided there will be no more snow days

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16 points

Registered VW van from Slovenia with inside mattress and stickers on both sides.

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90 points

Mercedes-Benz has encased 1979 G-Wagen in the world's biggest installation of synthetic resin to look like amber. 44.4 tonnes cast in 90 days

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104 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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95 points

Wonder when he realized

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64 points

Train Over A Bridge

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In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

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89 points

Wait a minute...

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21 points

He is f**ked...

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73 points

As a parent pushing 40, I've never related to a bumper sticker more...

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91 points

why does this exist

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44 points

"Hi Reddit, I’m a big truck - "

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36 points

What would you call that?

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A German city issued a ticket to an art installation.

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The Singapore government has labeled 'hearing impaired' as an inappropriate term

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60 points

Saw this driving down the road

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65 points

Pool boy

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69 points

Fast and simple

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