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Something doesnt feel right...

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Help them!

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This dog has a better social life than I ever will

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This Smart Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park EVERY DAY And Wins Heart Of Everybody!

243 points

How the world will really end

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Would love to have one of these

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Go home bus, u are drunk !

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Doggo wants to know

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Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

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When you are late and you see that bus already left!

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This guy improvised a heater in his back seat.

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134 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

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189 points

A fine university for gentleman

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127 points

Made my day

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Guess What country

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Only in South Africa they steal all 4 your tires at a traffic light

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How many do you recognise?

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