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This Smart Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park EVERY DAY And Wins Heart Of Everybody!

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Doggo wants to know

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207 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

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126 points

When you are late and you see that bus already left!

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This guy improvised a heater in his back seat.

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129 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

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140 points

A fine university for gentleman

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117 points

Made my day

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108 points

Guess What country

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Only in South Africa they steal all 4 your tires at a traffic light

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142 points

How many do you recognise?

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Looks like my ride is here

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80 points

Therapy pet on my flight

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145 points

When you are a bus driver but tron is life

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257 points

I saw this guy somewhere. But I can't remember.

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185 points

% the seatbelt effect %

Preview 56fd3106 262c 45f8 82b9 510b69ee69e7
727 points

When normal dic** just aren't good enough, you call..

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When using public transportation don't take the seat next to the coyote.

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