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I've seen it on several cars in my neighborhood

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Ruthless Geoffrey

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15 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

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223 points

Lingerie doesn't come in ounces

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180 points

Very chewy, tastes funny...

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165 points


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145 points

My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now.

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153 points

Oh... thanks U-Haul

Preview b5dce7b2 3873 45b8 9abc dbb2ebafc4f7
115 points

What seems to be the problem, manager?

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134 points

Men smh lol

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121 points


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221 points

Saw this and laughed, hope you do too

Preview b622b29c 79aa 42d9 9830 a6131e2688b4
181 points

I’m disappointed, King James.

Preview 6cc3fe36 6e87 4f42 baec ccdb3595d3ab
155 points

Someone messed with my keyboard

Preview 36d5e548 1e2f 4608 8442 13034f14da56
216 points

The universe thanks you YouTube.

Preview fb96a511 aac1 417e bd8d 55dd4fe03428
98 points

The ultimate comback

Preview dd5797a5 b254 46c5 b147 8776e666fb23
193 points

Savage Dr Phil

Preview cee6a30b d70b 43b2 9436 babb72bb4396
180 points

You've tried the cowboys..

Preview 294f8c6c cd65 43c6 8af9 42cb7b3bb507
155 points

Medical humor

Preview 43db87fb 529e 4aa9 9e4f a15adb84b1fc
184 points

Lowes knows

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