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Why, Dog?

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2 points

Great toilet instructions

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2 points

This building is like someone was making it up on the fly

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3 points

I can't believe it...I'm on a band aid box!

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3 points

Arrangement of Tic Tac.

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4 points

Think about this for a second..

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4 points

Just life hack for you all

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5 points

Weasley twins everyone

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11 points

A well placed package label

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15 points

Do you fancy coming home for a quickie?

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Hannibal the cannibal

Preview 34bbcb76 821a 4ae5 85e8 f09f5c02e6c4
18 points

It's not wise to upset a wookiee

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19 points

I want my refund right now!!!

Preview ae5e63fd d5c3 4759 b868 655ad32b290e
19 points

Pickpocketing level 100

Preview a27d34c2 843d 436d bc17 ee697f8a93f6
20 points

The elevator I was in broke down. I looked in the emergency phone box because I had no signal and this is all there was.

Preview 840177d1 12fb 455f bb23 7e67367b3d4b
19 points


Preview e73d70a0 984b 42ab 8df0 1025842afb12
16 points

Best NO PARKING symbol

Preview 48c27770 2f60 4358 abfa 04ef73136281
13 points

Good save

Preview 1150f902 5c87 4e9e 9f14 949df6a67688
89 points

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Preview 67e32fce 6539 4bee af69 02b459e8eea1
22 points

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