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Married lyfe

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20 points

Tried to be witty, but ended up speaking the lingo

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So, how did that program go?

Preview 6dd13844 643e 4647 8f9c e212f060f378
64 points

the greatest crossover of all time ?

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84 points

I trolled my workplace. This document will be mass printed and distributed to customers. Lmao

Preview 142ef0c0 fe26 4722 820d 409ec50c7eff
81 points

This sign for La Croix at my local grocery store

Preview 65b06bd1 3306 411b aef6 afe7b0d01a66
80 points

Debate Champ

Preview fbeaeec1 38b6 43eb 830b 72e4511f8af4
82 points

Infinity War Begins.

Preview 7278cce4 4426 4b51 b4d3 dfaae193a65b
73 points

Choose your fighter

Preview b39f2816 9939 466c 8d70 882a6fe453dc
69 points

Having gaps in your resume

Preview 67f9cabb 91e9 4241 9169 44456fcdf2e1
90 points

Debate champ

Preview 4de2ca62 33bd 4482 80fc eeab02986433

When you have a hot date at 9 but you also have a Dungeons and Dragons meetup at 10.

Preview 694398e1 65f9 4a91 9aaf d29438fc6f65
94 points

Sadly it is true

Preview b4349da0 a25f 4325 8270 e5874d542b70
102 points

It is concerning when Zuckerbots wax figure looks more human than he does.

Preview ed42a96d 6411 4248 8bf1 e99c9824dc0c
101 points

Zuckerberg's totally shitting a brick right now.

Preview 0c6cc77e f121 46ab 99c9 5a3503645b4b
102 points

am lost

Preview 3c38faab 9e7c 42c5 9817 99fe158cd745
105 points

Don't pick up the phone... Im online!!!

Preview 3a6c943b 6720 4c6c a85a af08e01e0e05
75 points

Here’s another one of those adoption profiles

Preview bb6b03a4 c99b 43f0 ac64 a60f27973766
76 points

He is his own right hand man

Preview 92aa0d66 3905 4ea9 93a7 8273b07b78cf
74 points

They do it on purpose

Preview 984237fd 1efb 43de 94d9 79f36a0eb2ba
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