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This self aware chocolate bar...

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5 points

Bad hair 50-years

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12 points

When your love is strong

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It was only a kiss...

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This you, fat, FAT, bad cat 🐈:3

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16 points

The only good thing about living in Alabama.

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32 points

How would be?

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23 points

The only Amazon review a prospective buyer needs to read

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19 points

The era of waterproof is upon us

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Reasons you shouldn’t be a smartass when your girlfriend asks what you want for dinner. 😂

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24 points

We're hitting autism levels that shouldn't even be possible !

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22 points

Gotta be exhausting picking up pearls over and over again.

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23 points

I just wanted to you see these.

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19 points

Surprising Effects Of Vaccines

Preview 1d32ad2d 51eb 4e77 962b 4189b0d49d0d

I like to know finally who will accept it

Preview c179e201 e881 4c11 982f 10d5f7021083
17 points

That escalated quickly

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Good grip

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Preview 2e542e7c c812 438d b700 3bd8a3fe6236

Not the review I was expecting, but nice to know I guess.

Preview f16bfc11 1dda 47b3 beab f37eb10a56c2

A mistake was made here today

Preview ce805f90 cfe8 4e1b acb0 2fa569a31f2b
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