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About as petty as it gets

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96 points

Totally mindblown

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97 points

Isn’t this how Hitler started?

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88 points

No college isn’t overpriced at all...

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83 points

My 13 year old son has been learning how to photoshop. Yesterday he made this...

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84 points

I would regret my whole life after this 💀

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80 points

“Be positive”

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78 points

My video buffered at the perfect moment

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91 points

My dad bought my American girlfriend's conservative family a box of candy from our home country of Iran. They were a bit concerned about one particular ingredient.

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84 points

Advertising in a nutshell...

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89 points

Dumn troll on gf while Im away

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119 points

Floating in a most peculiar way.

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79 points

Whoa... what is this award for???

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86 points

Blockbuster Aren't Football Fans

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96 points

My brother's bird died this morning. I saw his google history. So sad...

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83 points

Epic cosplayer trolling

Preview d02489d3 3b7a 4168 a0b7 537a8d8bd46e
90 points

Paradise by the laptop light.. Blackfly season in Downeast Maine

Preview 92c8e76b f81e 4762 afd9 7a8abe8ea628
91 points

Paradise by the Laptop Light..

Preview e13bd157 30ef 4581 bf75 deab2224c816
22 points

That’s that I guess

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