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This Smart Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park EVERY DAY And Wins Heart Of Everybody!

192 points

You know your board game is old when...

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270 points

You can start tomorrow!

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202 points

I honestly did

Preview b8a59724 9865 4bdf 9a8e e16bb7dfb625
187 points

It just described him

Preview a2b6783d a67a 4d66 8afe 0b9fd8f7a425
167 points

100% Right !!

Preview 3f5ea32c 3521 4e59 829e 9675ab06106d
171 points

I'm pathetic

Preview 39f1d4f8 39d4 4786 91cf 6a503588d0e7
181 points

Found these in my old room at my Dad's house. Glad to see I had my priorities straight when I was 14.

Preview eadc43b0 27c3 4909 a53f af9ee6418f61
245 points

Could be worse

Preview 30bafe8a 9b27 4a72 a360 8e16915d655a
166 points

Wait what?

Preview 2d6f6891 6eae 43c0 a398 818aed1b58da
152 points

Married life...it happens

Preview 2d7109a2 3053 445c 8931 ba6fc796be59
152 points

Well its not. Well f**k me then.

Preview 21213c74 5bf0 4f3f 9c4e 13a636dd687a
200 points

These movies went from 0-100 in more than 1 way...

Preview d7a02ae2 07e0 4868 81a5 d72513368db1
202 points

You do what?

Preview efe2a5cb 39ba 4784 b5f6 7fce1c8e20e5
216 points

This girl at McDonalds built a Jenga tower with her fries

Preview 926adfab 0ba1 419c b488 ecfffca29b19
310 points

Just so you know

Preview d413180c 7b5e 4ce6 acc3 4dfaf7d83eea
272 points

O.O I found this stuff in our warehouse

Preview 5d65726a 6d95 4137 b5f5 8b5dbb578717
255 points

Lost book is finally found

Preview 20e62b05 a81c 4772 b9a4 31c07117d880
231 points

Would still smash?

Preview 7423ea0c 0e6d 400e a3e7 01057e121eb3
331 points

A co-worker got this on her car.

Preview c6c1d46e 884a 4bd7 9efa c4b1e6721cbb
261 points

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