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College = Apollo 13

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81 points

Minister of What?

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111 points

This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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152 points

Pele throwing mad shade

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165 points

The letter "N"

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96 points

Perfect come back doesn't exist

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124 points

Hate when my cat does this.

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After 9 months with me, this is how my phone wants to start every sentence.

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104 points

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Preview f4e9eb9e 3909 4fc7 aed3 6e9f30ce7cc4
143 points

His favorite spot when I’m watching tv

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Messing with my friend.

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166 points

This is a post from some crypto currency mining website. Support service is full of good answers.

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117 points

I know I would’ve

Preview 613d9796 c3fc 4e42 a8b1 0b436483fbe3
187 points

I have to say, the words that your phone recommends for you can be hilariously disturbing sometimes.

Preview 2df5ee2e a666 4774 867d 4dcd2bd9a07c
125 points

It's an endless cycle

Preview 24798313 cbd5 4e63 8c66 874ae18c5640
253 points

So I was gonna rent the black panther movie to watch and I saw this

Preview 423e0045 4346 4b7d b782 c09582cfc0b0
118 points

More or less perfect placement but its ok

Preview dcbe324c dbfd 4841 8407 2ad535317ebe
140 points

Nice handshake

Preview 9c9fcc2e 40d0 45b9 bb6b 7bfc35fa6f07
147 points

This bar’s “dress code”

Preview a076c23f 25be 4540 b1df 708f2b1fffdb
108 points

An interesting title

Preview eacfe014 7376 45e3 ac35 f2e507abc107
129 points

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