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sometimes in VR

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104 points

Pele throwing mad shade

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172 points

The letter "N"

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104 points

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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148 points

It's an endless cycle

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254 points

Nice handshake

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150 points

poor rob

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140 points

I say they kill off Roseanne this time and continue on without her.

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120 points

When you have a Skype interview

Preview edc501dc a18b 4904 ac45 4e64c2e2e53f
100 points

Star Trek: TNG - The best face swap of all time

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108 points

How I became the assistant to the regional manager

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94 points

You can't do that in the office, Mark.

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84 points


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126 points

After watching superhero movie. try to be a superhero.....

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98 points

Is this the real life

Preview d8618320 6833 4403 947b 8aa3485a3331
95 points

Damn son

Preview 00ee1689 1c3b 4143 8fb6 4242f91d3bd1
104 points

I want this kid to be my wingman.

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90 points

That'll do

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104 points

bet you don’t got your PhD for that

Preview dce86f3e 83c1 49d7 94cb ad13f1c4c370
70 points

Parents these days..

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