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Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

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214 points

Mind blown.

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142 points

What seems to be the problem, manager?

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131 points

Savage Dr Phil

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178 points

Job is vacation

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174 points

So then I asked

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127 points

Some words of wisdom from Veronica.

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212 points

sometimes in VR

Preview b6ced1aa 774b 472a 89d5 971e6a0eb30c
158 points

Pele throwing mad shade

Preview 1cae179a c975 4e4f 8e27 9d88ab88ce7c
194 points

The letter "N"

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133 points

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Preview f4e9eb9e 3909 4fc7 aed3 6e9f30ce7cc4
171 points

It's an endless cycle

Preview 24798313 cbd5 4e63 8c66 874ae18c5640
284 points

Nice handshake

Preview 9c9fcc2e 40d0 45b9 bb6b 7bfc35fa6f07
166 points

poor rob

Preview 7964b6d2 9db2 4b0e 96d5 bf34063dfd0c
157 points

I say they kill off Roseanne this time and continue on without her.

Preview 99941081 279e 435b aa28 ed28e9f7635c
133 points

When you have a Skype interview

Preview edc501dc a18b 4904 ac45 4e64c2e2e53f
110 points

Star Trek: TNG - The best face swap of all time

Preview b8e65a5a 59a8 4438 9fa3 08fd400d45f4
126 points

How I became the assistant to the regional manager

Preview 6d591aad 6157 4c15 9319 cb0f4e199da1
116 points

You can't do that in the office, Mark.

Preview 0c8042e9 bcf8 4eff a465 fc13f323358a
93 points


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134 points

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