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What's something you wish you had?

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10 points

When you're too lazy to make a new catalog number and a new UPC code.

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75 points

The good news and the bad news

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79 points

Im a law breaker

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87 points

The amount of Rick and Morty memes is too damn high!

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74 points

My father teaching me about the birds and the bees.

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Just another busy morning commute in San Francisco

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75 points

Steve Martin on Tom Hanks

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76 points

Netflix froze mid-scene

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When Black Friday shopping and Battlefront II is still on the shelves.

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70 points

Commander in chief

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92 points

I love myself

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56 points

19 years later...

Preview 3a98664c b2bb 4b9d 9838 de5298497028

Stop asking hard questions, pls

Preview e2febf73 d1a0 4011 b476 84aac0577715

Trump pls

Preview 3cd26074 3b1c 4b14 8e5f b03951e3fadb
19 points


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33 points

Press F to pay respect

Preview 67a6fbfe 5811 4cfd 8672 2a7a8888365e
58 points

What happened to Galen Erso

Preview f3d048f0 8a20 4399 b8a4 7466581f408e

When your tv screen is broken

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