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I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

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The new Back To The Future trailer has just been released.

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Some signs are hard to interpret, not this one, though. The meaning is clear. Cyclists are to blame for the fall of Christianity.

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Time To Work Out

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This crazy van outside my apartment building

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This snowman in Buffalo reminds me of Calvin. Thought you might like it.

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This made me uncomfortable...

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How I pranked and booked a cab for 1000 km!!!!

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Vanity plate captured by my friend in Lancaster, OH

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According the the Man Code, he must continue to try for at least 20 minutes before admitting his error.

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I guess she REALLY hates cum.

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Aussie mom finds world's second most poisonous snake hiding in her kid's lunch box

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I parked next to Harrison Ford today!

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131 points

Found out who the local drug dealer is...

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Can't trust anyone these days...

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Good question Marty.

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When you get your first car but you're still in middle school

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Seems like a trap

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Winter has come

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