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Cat freaks out at visitors


And that’s how condoms work

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80 points

My puppy

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I don't stand drama

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86 points

dog gets attacked prank! *she cried*

69 points

In prision for borking

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71 points

In a parallel universe

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52 points

In a parallel universe

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60 points

My dog go also said f you to her comfy expensive memory foam bed. Look at that roar of victory.

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Woof news: pupper in jail for stealing your girl

Preview ee5611d9 bcac 4ce4 bee5 68960c33b91a
77 points

Couldn’t imagine life without her

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95 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

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147 points

Prison pupper

Preview adcfc6be 69b1 463f 88ba 7cdf2988baae
98 points

Cartboye bogo

Preview e99099b5 566d 4415 9b49 c955faddfa87
90 points

Mama snowdoggo gives her pupper a big lovehuggo

Preview e929611e 17a1 4487 a29a 846fd9eb2013
57 points

Hello, welcome to heaven

Preview 5a18b4fe e655 4516 bd03 630e8ee3e3f2
61 points

This baby bird somehow got in the grate on my A/C unit and suffocated himself to death.

Preview 06d3c1fb 1979 414f b96d 0df82816c800
58 points

My rat has an adorable way of sleeping.

Preview baef18f9 ac5a 4c50 8930 8938d872e6a2
21 points

My female love birds waits till my male love bird is asleep and then sits on him all night

Preview 8338f198 f257 4687 886a e8c77c76ada0

How real men grab pussy

Preview f2493af3 bdca 418a a2ca 2ca5423c4f29

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