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We made a prank to a friend for his birthday, we did not know how to wish him...

10 points

My mouth is foaming

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102 points

We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

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94 points

Fake Cake Prank! funny reaction

93 points

This perfect pyramid of pancakes.

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81 points

Ok internet, you got my attention

Preview 5f7e4222 509e 4d7d 87af d46f9e621c4b
77 points

That's amazing

Preview db5c4780 eea6 4ea2 b05f 26bc0e31efae
72 points

Disaster in 3... 2... 1

Preview a8c59c88 1eee 4e59 bff8 3f3dbd8a1380


Preview dde3a092 a6b5 4419 9831 6b7983d7bb44

Kebab pizza, Yes or No or maybe?

Preview 7b13878e 29a2 4457 94e0 83818555f5b2
104 points

I cried

Preview f55ddc1b ed31 4172 8252 cf57a90a74a1
64 points

A barbecue cupcake?

Preview 9ab414ff 217a 4aec 9468 b7439900751d
68 points

Dutchies Unite !

Preview 85e5d1c0 8bdc 495a a3c9 deb066935e70
107 points

Strawberry Gelatin served à la carte sur Maxi Pad

Preview 23396a00 8aec 49c8 9ba1 cf95a8bd32ed
116 points

I don't know what to say..

Preview 2538413d 56c8 4145 8a2d d48deb982572
97 points

Sedimentary cake

Preview c271048d 60a8 4aaa 8c3a 765ce8e8de09
64 points

$12 for a 350 course meal, this was the first course...

Preview 2e8d58ce df01 4f21 b86d c34752daad79
104 points

To all of you dudes going on a diet right now -Here's to you

Preview f14db979 85ce 47dc 8f50 3c0eba9a6040
105 points

Baskin Robbins follow up cake picture.

Preview 5bce300a 0ddb 4a34 b085 6151faed758c
91 points

The Kiss


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