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Lionhead shaved out of a dead tree

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13 points

A nice fit

Preview 5cb3fdda 9e06 4e62 b075 2f252debd923
14 points

Awning collapse on car

Preview 81534b3e 142e 43e3 ad69 cfbe41a3468e
11 points

Upscale roadkill

Preview 28b7a16b cb04 423f 8ca3 b7dd45ec1046
11 points

Oh. You almost had it. Gotta be a little bit quicker than that.

Preview 21dd7657 6861 40d2 a8e3 8199ada6ea7f
98 points

Corn Maze for Dummies

Preview 82c7a164 3695 4f53 97ad ee0f7028306b
13 points

My husbands a plumber and this was one of his calls today for a "small leak"

Preview ec1597ed 8699 40d1 9167 1f01cb70c554
10 points

Someone is big fan of "Taxi" movie (found in Poland)

Preview 8fdaa279 ff77 4a8d b8d9 ace8232e99db
14 points

Not sure if this counts but lightning struck in the middle of taking a photo.

Preview fb74d2ab 7ccc 4230 83f7 0afdeabc97c6

The Floor Is Lava

Preview c31b4cf5 a1dd 4295 afe2 6cb21ec5bed0
93 points

I'll need a towtruck? Hold my beer.

Preview 6401ca9d 5f89 4675 9ec9 8905f91bed9d
13 points

This beautiful cloud

Preview 38c7777a 8337 404e 9352 968b2ef9c605
8 points

My girlfriend took this incredible photo of me wearing a vintage swimsuit and a mustache.

Preview 4b323e37 8ebf 4196 86b9 4cc1c64c28b7
172 points

“Dead Man Walking” - Probably The Scariest Photo of a Tornado that Exists

Preview d85e69a8 2af0 4fdc 92f8 28eac3dfb9e3
8 points

Night in Split, Croatia...

Preview 5089e0ac 55c6 4ec3 a3dc 462a92f4fa3f
19 points

This makes me strangely happy

Preview 9232585f 63e8 4692 b8b5 1d8c70ac5f30
9 points

Just going to enjoy a relaxing day at the boat

Preview 40625ecb 1164 4de7 975a 9bc2d32a89cc
85 points


Preview 2534a9ff 21bc 412c 819c e4cc44da4b24
10 points

Split, Croatia last night.

Preview 5d6ea269 f139 4080 8069 690f9afc94ba
7 points

Swim call in the Gulf of Aden

Preview 974cd27d a87d 4b0d b772 4afff00eca6b
12 points

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