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144 points

I accidentally sharted in Cancun billboard

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194 points

Nature is awesome

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133 points

My Cabbages

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104 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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170 points

Keepin' it Cla$$y in Troy, NY

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121 points

This is MOSES

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110 points

I want to break free!

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108 points

Is that a laptop charger ?!

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94 points

Parked in front of this freak at Costco

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103 points

When I start my day with a coffee and great music ... and than this:

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201 points

You're trying to work, this guy shows up, what do you do?

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159 points

R2-D2 What Happened to You

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I thought these were supposed to break away

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235 points

Romanian police arresting a tree

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168 points

Wait... let me first smoke one ...

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122 points

You can't come to work today? No, there is a Black Bear eating my pet chicken on my porch Sir.

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328 points

Like a glove

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