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Guns & Sand Club

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138 points

Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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131 points

Drive thru firehouse

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102 points

Drive Thru Dentist

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112 points

Detachable cabs are now an option

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118 points

Solution for annoying back seat drivers

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116 points

Well this looks safe.

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102 points

A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

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114 points

No one likes plowing alone.

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106 points

We're very original at the pool I guard

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114 points

Went to go start my car today after not having driven it a month and mice got in there.

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141 points

I raise you the entire Earth is lava

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104 points

well, that's one way to park it

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107 points

My dads first deployment to Iraq we sent him a Shrek themed birthday party. This is what he sent back

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104 points

This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

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99 points

Caught a lightening strike @ 10 pm in Austin, TX in 2012 with my iPhone 4S

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111 points

This frozen dead cow strapped to a trailer. It’s cold in New England right now.

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158 points

Me neighbor is an idiot

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104 points

You know the roads are bad when....

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108 points


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