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Gee, I wonder who did it

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Damn funny😂

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No photographers were seriously injured in the taking of this photo

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This woman with the head of an Alpaca

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It takes a village

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Moose with deformed hooves

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Ride a camel, they said... It’ll be fun, they said

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Stop everything and look at this baby camel

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People in 2017 be like " The Simpsons predicted it"

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My sister

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Folks! Focus on the real things!

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Wnt sum fk?

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Hello there!

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If you're having a bad day.

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How camels are made

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245 points

Brazil: an abandoned giant ant colony. Beneath the surface, the megalopolis spans 50-square-meters and goes 8-meters into the earth.

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This is how camels are made.

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310 points

Santa spreading that cheer

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