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True indeed!!

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6 points

When you want to be an operator but you like pizza

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2 points

What happens when you hit a can of starting fluid with a lawn mower.

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6 points

Watch This Sea Creature Do An Awesome Hermit Crab Impression

179 points

Belgian one (we have 3 languages)

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2 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

205 points

Coyote Peterson Uses A Drone To Catch A Giant Snapping Turtle

251 points

Real Italians

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167 points

Holstered Attack Dogs.

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163 points


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124 points

Volvo is love, Volvo is life

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153 points

You're in the army now

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204 points

I'm half English, I can post this.

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233 points

Getting THE Job at SAMSUNG...

Preview a0fa22ed e89c 4df4 8435 37b67be481f7
207 points

Googled "the most british picture ever", was not disappointed!

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168 points

I don't eat celery 24/7 for nothing

Preview fad317d5 78d4 4e39 be8d 6540041dc5e9

Glad trump won

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208 points

"Tanks are invincible of any obstacles" your argument is invalid

Preview a8ade439 be29 4cae a5e4 8a51e40c9ca1
308 points

What describes them best?

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154 points

No guessing needed

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