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Baked beans lava lamp.

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51 points

Well that complicates things....

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61 points

Genetics for dummies.

Preview 6b86e8d4 a70e 454d 86c0 d0b46d1dde44
56 points

Please don’t fart god please don’t fart

Preview 3ccaf75b 0f26 43b7 bae5 aa5d5366ae53
82 points

Inviting sunken tub

Preview d8fcf878 1c5f 4d76 9ebc 8f91866b7a0d
22 points

No phonecall, no visit all day - happy birthday to myself I guess

Preview 2cb4e764 a089 4ba8 8245 56560b75ad48
62 points

It's my labs 3rd birthday today! Best wishes and happiest birthdays to you doggo

Preview bef930f8 a087 49c1 9c72 98f362dfc682
61 points

Big Little Face, meet Little Big Face.

Preview 93272a13 272a 42fe 9c43 243023c8bde6
65 points

Pepsi will always bring us together.

Preview 7ff06f47 eb7f 4cae aa5d 09a3ba70ac20
97 points

Somebody once told me...

Preview 77b4a2f3 ed18 4dd0 b281 7129336fb573
88 points

Got married during the Mayweather fight. Guests figured out how to multitask

Preview d2b1701d c8de 4dc4 89a5 704e87a55623
103 points

You will love indian food they said

Preview 94afe176 b384 4dba aae3 4d84853e211a
40 points

Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Preview e15a6af9 b0b1 4b44 88aa dd29820f822e
18 points

You know what's better than 24?

Preview a7eb2a07 8934 4bbe 97b8 e921eb295d44
64 points

Where's my dinner? :(

Preview ae722f0e 8a80 4bcf 9b8f fd76f832dd39
59 points

Rest in peace

Preview 62c89f74 e2e1 47cb 81d3 8f174e7c8ffe
16 points

Meanwhile, back at the fire pit...

Preview 4f4ec8bd 525d 483a 94d8 f81953d77417
58 points

Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

Preview 2020f800 564b 4465 8411 fdf36e4e2475
127 points

Romanian patriarch sanctifying a brand new church

Preview c2225c93 158b 460c abd0 1696662448c4
18 points
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