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We all missed you Boss

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7 points

My friend’s dog is a deep sleeper and we had a leftover corn cob...

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10 points

Thug pug was a bad boy

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My roommate's puppy posing for a picture on my dog.

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Babysitting this sweet little kitten. My house panther Oliver has been quite welcoming.

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Really bro??

Preview dd05f996 a58b 4e28 9f19 7e2ab1a42faa

Talk to the hand

Preview e05e8344 6961 4efa a067 9bf4fc23ede2

She don’t need no man.

Preview a3ea9073 3890 453c 9d55 19b32608ac7b
80 points


Preview 578b19ac cf52 4f71 8a21 8db957cca0ae

She tore up the toilet paper. Does this count?

Preview 3934bfe5 a57a 4e66 8874 6cf55a2051bb

He just won't stop

Preview e024ff98 2221 4bd7 a4a6 9f33dfbe90fd

Cat or bed ?

Preview cdd19c97 94d2 4f87 94a8 848553d7d473

He refuses to be trained

Preview 0f3d908f 91f5 4582 b023 6a97c240cfc3

His favorite position? Ass on face.

Preview 311b7dca 3eaf 44c6 8016 754e9ba93ff6

She likes to flatten my flats after use. Or use them as sled.

Preview 256d1f23 a06c 4e6b bf8d 561ab3dc580d

I pet my dog in Italian.

Preview b448d5ba 2c95 4f26 bab2 1bf21d6ddda6
169 points


Preview 265f56ac a011 47d8 941e 8576a0164620
133 points

Feeling like a car owner

Preview 765c6ca4 8d65 4867 b921 e1f8e2aad192

Her reaction when i say " i have another dog "

Preview 6a4a6ceb e164 4c4a 9a5a c58fa751a85c

This Cat is a Jerk

Preview c888e166 03d3 4b20 9885 1fb6e86a1738

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