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A high quality snout

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Bubble butt.

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Pls Rember That Wen U Feel Scare / Wen Day Is Dark Alway Rember Happy Day

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Good boy

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That's a good pupper

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Son makes a heckin good hat

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A doggo with priorities.

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They´re not going to make it to Hot, but meet my Good Boys (Belgian Malinois & Elkhound (with vitiligo))

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"Dont judge a book by its cover"

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If I fit, I sits..

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Everytime you open the front camera

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Charlie. My 3-legged best friend.

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You see the scary common point?

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Wtf I just closed my eyes

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Describe your post...

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Blaze his first night and almost a year later

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Cute Doggos will keep you safe at the bank. Or in the park. Or in your home. Basically anywhere.

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Who else is a good boy?

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With his ashes, the vet provided this letter

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