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There was a cockroach

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This dog looks cracked but I do like pugs bit to small for me though

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juke to the right -- jab on the left or poledancing pussy pawslaps puppy

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Every time I try to watch tv

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safety first

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The cat is the alpha in this house.

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Guess how I know

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My nephews and I built a snowman. Then this guy stole its nose.

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“I claim this as mine!” said Doggo

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I'm bulking!

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This guy snuck into a cow pasture and proceeded to harass cows for 20min, all while actively ignoring my calls.

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took a picture when my dog sneezed

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Poor Bob just wanted to take a nap, but Lenard wouldn't let him.

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My dog welcoming me home from work. Best smile ever.

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Equal opportunity peeing

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Best seat in the house

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I’m pretty sure Luna is flipping me off with her tail 🤔

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