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I just wish she didn't look so damn pleased with herself.

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Dog drinking water from a sprinkler

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Girlfriend's dad thought he would treat his daughters dog to a new name tag.

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128 points

He sat on his sister so I would pet him instead.

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Hello down there

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The fuck-off dog.

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73 points

Dread leash.

Preview 725a748b d71a 4cb3 b956 c0742db9b10b
93 points

I can't even...

Preview fb205a26 8277 41c5 b5e1 a754e7bf2868

Shit’s going down

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81 points

Take my selfie 🤪

Preview e3c3ecba 9fe6 4dd2 b1fa 2690a3bdb888

Was trying to watch TV but my cat had other ideas.

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Best face swap ever

Preview 49aa39a7 8d8d 45a1 817d a20ea1ffb567
87 points

Any. Birthday. Is My. Birthday.

Preview ebf71905 52b9 4100 9451 6e0460f5c13f

When your dog is pissed about you playing games all day

Preview 7e905c21 86b7 40cd 8d3b ef0662878fca

You know full well that's not your water bowl.

Preview 1efaa2b0 a6ea 4052 baa1 c86f0525f8d1

Please Stop

Preview 8b8a8024 cb4e 4b91 b521 475c327587a6
65 points

My kid and dogs might be about to drop the hottest rap album of the year?

Preview 9f0c888b b42d 4849 9cfb 54f37043580a
91 points

My puppy is taking over the house

Preview c373b6b1 f441 4b66 a4dd 5521ec791982

Really? Of all the places to lay down.

Preview 714d9c98 b316 465d b4ae cdcee266d308

When you want to cuddle with Mom but there's no room on the couch

Preview 75d1ef0f 1c13 4214 9ba4 52cc442620ca

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