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My dog was extremely tired, but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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2 points

When you're having a good day, then you start thinking about life

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22 points

Trying to shovel...

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The unmasking of scoobs

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Who me? Chew your shoe? Never!!

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Everything is fine.

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This is a regular occurrence.....

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True love

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47 points

These boys don't like to share the seat, every day is a struggle to see who will get the most room.

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Seriously Human?!

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Grey hound likes to stretch his legs

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Perfect day to do many things, like sleeping for example.

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Wife decided to take family photo of us... dog decided nah

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66 points

You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

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49 points

The jerk has his own bed

Preview fad1ed37 c17b 4a13 8104 0c806da5ab1a

My aunt took this photo of her's and her son's dog

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71 points

Everytime I get out of bed for a second, and come right back...

Preview c1cf2264 ae87 40d3 a833 79f47e26619f

Peanut Butter Vampire

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