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This guy chillin with his dog in London

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93 points

Carwash in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

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74 points

Black Olives Matter!

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93 points

Easy does it

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Join the Army

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78 points

Made a hideout for my cats

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80 points

This Playground

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99 points

A car crash during the Mid-Winter Race at California’s Imperial Fairgrounds, 1976

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105 points

Welp, this happened.

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103 points

Its true

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75 points

Uploading a WW2 Photography everyday #72 Indian volunteer machine gunner of the Indische Legion of the German Wehrmacht preparing for the allied assault at Normandy.

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91 points

My Name Is R2

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48 points

When the exam week comes.

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69 points

The liberator 2000

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78 points

Back To Work


Uploading a tank every day #24: Tiger (P) (Germany)

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58 points

Incredible Japanese cardboard artists Monami Ohno makes amazing creations out of Amazon boxes

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97 points

A man spent 36 hours building this on the beach, its been a few hours and I think he's made 5 euros?

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146 points

Uploading a tank every day #22: SdKfz 184 Elefant (Germany)

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62 points

Compressed Air Cannon With Maltesers As Bullets Is No Difference With A Real Gun And It's Unbelievably Strong

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