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Thug life

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21 points

The cake decorator was Russian...

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106 points

Saw this T-shirt in Tokyo

Preview 1a760846 48a6 4cbf b986 20a672dd8ae1
101 points

One of Japanese olympic mascot candidates 'Pentarous', representing modern pentathrope

Preview 203fe01f ca87 40e8 a63b bc1c25b247d2
59 points

Message in a bottle

Preview d1037e9c 281e 4886 838a f071779ebbd2
42 points

Zero fucks were given that day

Preview 0d53d77e 93d0 41db 9f16 e0c7cabc5b86
62 points

Eastern time zone perfection

Preview 9a3ee8d3 c07e 4071 bd20 a89c6f30d9e2

Eyeball Lollipops

Preview f93aa5b3 573a 4932 920d a9ec3a8d3d94
54 points

Something interesting down this hole you say?

Preview 6b6f8e35 a6dc 4e68 a736 daa0554eef39
80 points

Every job I’ve ever had.

Preview 4aa84cd6 bda5 4110 b7af 41d53b5e6211
101 points

Surface Tension

Preview fb4b76be 5880 46f6 9f72 dc2e05bb9c02

Mining the new currency before it becomes the new currency.

Preview e5dd3685 81f3 4e2f a3cc fcdb783495d7
36 points

I guess the sun will be arrested in Turkey

Preview c5825080 04e6 4b21 9aee e3f97e8d6885

my coaster at dinner last night

Preview 2a996e0d 0f0a 4287 8785 e0a5091a9427
79 points

Steeplechase fail

Preview 94cc0802 3bb4 492d 80ee bc52cfb2de67

Biggest idiot of the century

Preview 450a8aa6 99a2 4c8c 9103 da518773c4be
108 points

No photoshop

Preview a5fd3409 4a90 468e b547 5af6dd584c2c
73 points

Khal Drogo's workout routine

Preview c2cf44bf 637d 4470 9afc ab989a0e8ecd
49 points

Only 2%

Preview 8a00afb8 5282 4d3f afdc 098987ef5440
85 points

Even this post will take a while to upload

Preview 5e9e1aaa 4cb1 4c25 bbe5 7c63a8e67012
96 points

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