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My self-built beauty. (Been working on it since 5 years)

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14 points

Keep it classy, Portland

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16 points

Stop kicking the seat human

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15 points

This greeted me in the parking lot this morning

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16 points

1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa - speed and style

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17 points

Dat ass

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11 points

Because Norway

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Dentist's new car (and plate).

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15 points

Husband witnessed this today

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16 points

Murdered out

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11 points

That happens in real life too

Preview 4b4a40a6 9476 4f02 a72d 099060bcc0e2
15 points

Shit, I'd buy her a car too

Preview 09f75900 58c7 44c9 8e25 4a413b309164
16 points

These two local heros are visiting children at the hospital in my town.

Preview f03b02c8 1029 412a a0d4 1be69bb3a996
13 points

How to handle the parking problem

Preview 6fef1a2f 6460 4e3c b1da 47e3c75280d8
20 points

A number that can only be captured once in a car's lifetime

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Preview ec2dc3d1 c983 4887 9aed 2290c169e42e
15 points

Driving home from the eclipse today

Preview 7485c722 88ec 41e9 866e f552423e71f3
14 points

Heading your way Houston

Preview 8f704d8d 027a 418b afac 17250eac3e69
14 points

When rednecks can't afford boat trailers

Preview de7b1278 e11e 4db2 af2c 8c2d59333cc9
11 points

pure class.

Preview 1dcb52a9 5c67 4a2b 9cf9 e9f49555558c
13 points

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