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A dump truck shed it’s dumper.

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14 points

Finally compiled pictures from all the fun road trips my wife and I take!

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73 points

Why did the chicken....something about roads.

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57 points


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87 points

I'll just park here

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62 points

They never told me the way how should I sit

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76 points

I see your No Kids and raise you cats, lots of cats.

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65 points

When you've leveled-up from stationeries and stuffed toys.

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63 points

Sticker shock

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71 points

He will find you!

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51 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

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There's a third option besides burial and cremation

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68 points

After a 12 inch snowstorm someone sculpted a car in the snow.

Preview bf034e5b 47f7 41b8 9b35 3e549e315e6d
65 points

Woaaah Black Betty....

Preview 3a4db243 4616 482e b67c 3e3d3096e82a
72 points


Preview 1bdd01d8 f8f8 49fa ae2e 5190f858c372
49 points

Duck holding up traffic in Reykjavik

Preview 61987b24 0e41 4c58 8b7d 053892c6b963

Plane v Van

Preview 57d3bb23 a5a4 4ed6 a7cb b5f1a807defa
77 points

Took a photo of my mate's dog just as we drove out of a patch of shade, causing this weird red lighting effect

Preview 68e7b442 166e 4199 a582 516e2c8af12b

Driver didn’t notice till he got to the fuel pump

Preview fddc0d3e 3f9e 4e63 9dc8 bd1e1360e2e2
84 points

'vibes' & 'love'

Preview 9f66bc0e 6322 45a0 8540 aedc4967c90e
75 points

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