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I gave this driver the go-ahead to get in front of me in traffic, and then got a sensible chuckle when I closed in.

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The best place to hide from Animal Control is right under their noses.

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My exes must have also been born on the highway.. because that’s where most accidents happen

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So me!

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When your self consciousness is too much

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Is this legal?

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F*Yeah GO GREEN......

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My mileage says BOOBS! The 5th grader part of me is cracking up right now.

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I couldn’t stop saying it and Made me giggle in my seat!

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I was pranked by one of my friends yesterday with the help of this backup camera prank. Here is the pic

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Top Gear asking the tough questions

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She's got legs

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Jeep owner in Philly asks neighborhood junkies to please be more careful when they break in

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We made a prank to a friend for his birthday, we did not know how to wish him...


We take being pulled over seriously here in Canada

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What could he possibly need that many Oreos for?

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I think I found the world's smallest penis

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A mail truck, towing a mail truck, while a mail truck passes going the other way

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"Thanks for lift neighbor!"

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