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Look who's taking the picture

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126 points

I wonder if his favorite music is playing too

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133 points


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77 points

Rolling your vehicle when you’re a hoarder

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133 points

You WHAT your dog??!?!

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91 points

I drive an 'old man car' so I decided to get an appropriate sticker...

Preview 1c44c691 aa97 42fa a3d3 c13639fd3e35
104 points

This car parked next to me.

Preview d558050d 10dd 4d0b b3ac a32ac7866c87
114 points

Bubble perfect timing

Preview d5a01951 0b8a 42a6 a5be 6d9c489921a5

When you accidentally use Apple maps instead of Google.

Preview f30462ec 0eeb 4a30 9fb3 94c1ce3ffc69
96 points

Someone parked in the driving lane in my wife's office parking garage, because all the convenient spots were taken. Someone taped this note to the car window.

Preview 234ec92b 9ee7 4cd6 b500 34a759c5ad5c
140 points

Accidentally clicked this picture of two mountains, one in front of me and another behind me.

Preview bd11b33e d7d2 4423 9877 e4f7124ada9d
117 points

Truck fire on the side of the highway

Preview dad72f77 b452 4793 8d18 4a2f6cf9fd4f
21 points

You can see the approaching storm in my side mirror.

Preview f88425bc 8365 4e1c b66e 1e1be8f2dfdd
17 points

Spotty Reception... What's going on here?

Preview dbee8f80 7fe4 46b4 822e 5479c574c301
17 points

Finally saw a hoarder car in real life at Taco Bell!

Preview 47776b1e 64e4 4967 be06 5d9a4b2f424c
19 points

Didn't expect this in the rear view

Preview a3addc81 9539 4def a528 49a07ef07fef
22 points

Lyfe is hard.

Preview 9a6a99b4 a4f6 419d 8afc 15748a5374dd
15 points

Wtf bruh

Preview 0781e465 ef0b 4985 8285 98ce4b660a50
17 points

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Preview 8bb67424 6de2 4de2 b8dc 62e67de5f732
102 points

Good guy cop

Preview 6dd79b71 f1fb 47ae a3a7 63288d134647
21 points

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