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Fight the power, Bill.

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100 points

Bag of Flour

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97 points

This Elmo arrived in the mail like someone in the Sesame Street mafia was trying to send a message...

Preview 6fb54ce8 a722 4924 b9be a03606b62b6c
81 points

Reconsider allowing friends to label your boxes.

Preview 3016b319 d269 4ef6 b47e 2a4bc35a5d3a
45 points

Very subtle

Preview 3686ac47 1270 4b75 8d28 209f41bc4b1e
23 points

Amazon made sure my shredded white paper was well protected with air pockets. Who knows what would’ve happened to it otherwise.

Preview 50115194 da9a 40aa 8b47 e7fd9f30c68c
80 points

And the CAT says

Preview 829b0f28 0d1a 4006 ae2f 441263c7c789
59 points

I hate my friends.

Preview 38c30fb8 a3ca 4cd8 bfbf 259e7101bdaa
79 points

All of this waste for 6 strawberries

Preview 50669792 bb32 48ba b512 4beb9faac9f1
49 points

Good one

Preview dcf80433 4f6e 4dab a48d 3f6ae1300e6f
98 points

Made me a little nervous.

Preview cd73eba4 9aee 4426 8bca 5c462d1401fc
71 points

Google "Mountain Chicken"

Preview 90fd76b6 e36c 45ef bca9 45ca55b1d437

I'm confused

Preview 4114128c 3072 4680 9f6e 5064f5702f88
38 points

A girl with a cardboard and a marker

Preview 85da80ca fb5a 4886 925b cd88bc350cb0

I'm a traditional guy. I'll do it my way.

Preview d1c101c4 cc29 4729 bae0 a15a4821688c
72 points

Insert suspicious meme

Preview 246ca554 59ac 4e0c 9682 7e7b2d8c19b8
63 points

This was on my amazon box

Preview b0de2c87 b237 4099 ac33 3d72a41670d3
50 points

Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

Preview 449a5a7b cff7 46d5 a68a 5b27007ec206
19 points

Making A Houseboat With Cardboards And It Works!

54 points

The Law Of Cats

Preview 50b2b278 4d26 48a5 ac6d e34efc7a4d7a
34 points

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