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A girl with a cardboard and a marker

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I'm a traditional guy. I'll do it my way.

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66 points

Insert suspicious meme

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This was on my amazon box

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Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

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Making A Houseboat With Cardboards And It Works!

18 points

The Law Of Cats

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He doesn't enjoy just any cardboard box, only boxes which contained £40 cat towers for him to ignore...

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Your move, Schrödinger.

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The hunter stalks her prey

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16 points

I'm not a Dad but if I was...

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How To Make Powerful Weapon 4 Barreled Rocket Launcher At Home

429 points

How To Make Glock 19 That Shoots Bullets

565 points

This DIY Coin Sorting Machine Made From Cardboard Is Mesmerising

254 points

How To Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine With 3 Different Drinks At Home

201 points

Going to upgrade my PC

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191 points

Vomiting bucket??

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