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My buddy’s toenail.

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16 points

Found This in my attic.

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11 points

No cat will look at you this way when taking a bath ^^

Preview c66f27c3 a858 4d39 9794 ad764f7faaf9
14 points

Motherland 101

Preview cda83faa e661 4775 8ed4 d79e6bffe555
21 points

This image rape my mind

Preview 7cf004de ccbf 48b1 b950 11463a8ddb73
19 points

Teaching your kids how to swim... Towards Heaven

Preview 3e4247f4 c711 47e2 995a ebc16c77a280
91 points

Baby and Adult Teeth

Preview 16d0ae97 8140 4973 9252 8fefca2f80ec
17 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

Preview 1610b0fa d742 4415 bca6 b9b916ca4ecd
22 points

Cloudboye visits the dogtor

Preview d7eccde3 ee5b 46ef 9952 f1fdb639b642
15 points

Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

Preview 617c0e24 0f51 43c1 be5b 29bc57b7f4f8
6 points

Like What You See?

Preview afe3afde 375e 4e8c 9c88 4ed64c3ce592
10 points

Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

Preview 9f868175 ecc3 4cb5 b94c e4c18be1ea21
118 points

Boop the sn.... ass

Preview 123acca0 7448 4101 bd82 d4da5b8fd84e
2 points

This sign is still on the roadside to my uncle's house.

Preview 0692cedc 5a12 4046 8842 57393432f557
5 points

B*tches be crazy

Preview 317068f5 fbe8 4d65 adba c969e419fdb2
6 points

This is what bleach does to you

Preview b2b339e6 1f8e 498a 8904 c55d50ecfc27
5 points


Preview 6fb7f554 11f9 45bc 95af 01efaedb4752
21 points

When u r just Fluffy, not Fat

Preview f91943f9 d78b 4127 b23c 583369d451b0
16 points

Give me your best puns!

Preview f424d37a db50 45d0 8ee7 30b5da92f01b
6 points

The real walking dead

Preview 62c92dca 4987 4cde abef 5a62cc583ce0
56 points

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