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These nails.

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74 points

A womb with a view

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82 points

My brain hurts when I think bout that

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101 points

Today's Kids Will Never Know

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95 points


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72 points

WTF Japan?

Preview 0c785b79 e28c 4dad 9f09 fdc63a6a8c4c
82 points

Heavy metal,, nope Finland national curling team.

Preview 335d96aa 28bc 4d43 879c afef69e4e0fa

I coughed up a staple from a lung lobectomy performed in August 2016.

Preview 4615cd4a bdb5 4e74 99ed 098ac10e9ef4
112 points

"Hey Bill, what are you up to this weekend?"

Preview 46fe04f2 c96a 4d8a ab9e 54407b9f4fb9
72 points

Jim Carrey impersonating celebrities, 1992

Preview e9bf11c8 f2c0 4657 85af 2508147293ef
80 points

Dislodged this booger today, it felt like I was unplugging from the Matrix

Preview a6d3e5ec 87d7 42fa 9f4d 0672bee164d0
109 points

WTF?! I just pulled a four rooted molar this afternoon. I thought these only existed in textbooks!

Preview 0119657a 08ab 4cf1 b04a 2067a1f80eda
96 points

My hands after a shower

Preview 4bfb1022 44c5 45e5 b65a c1b89f83f03d
103 points

These vagina nails.

Preview 6fd61521 638c 4c60 84d4 4873faa68af2
118 points

Holding a closed fist for extended periods of time

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Preview bfff02cc b731 4c61 b207 dc62fd1fd328
71 points

Can walk 60% faster

Preview e501490e e788 474b 8467 ca7fae15c24f
60 points

.... Not like I was using that or anything

Preview 204e4f15 fc47 4d3b 893a fbe476e52221

Gooder Boy

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90 points


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