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A damn good lesson

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43 points

When it gets intense

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62 points

He's right

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54 points

Not cool.

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50 points

Making this obviously doesn´t took much work

Preview 89a47c94 fe34 42fa aaa3 84c980fb110b
46 points

Ive been silend meber for years

Preview ed9cabba a7b5 47ee 9032 36e025791963
40 points

After spending most of my time in gym and talking to people....

Preview d1c7538a 0f82 486d b4b1 fbbf1860a7c7
38 points

Not really depressed or anything.

Preview f6a0fef3 dca1 44ea 8889 8500271e1075
23 points

I miss her so much....

Preview 62fa615b 2f16 4f21 a6da fe28d7f00937
11 points

Sometimes my uses it too.

Preview 31cceb34 812c 4724 a37f 6a89e35fe391
14 points

True dat

Preview 818c9d23 b53c 45d8 9291 169f94f60576
11 points

That's me ...

Preview b275a58a 071f 4f99 b1bd f78c38acf721
24 points

But I have no Flammenwerfer

Preview e6a442b7 7cee 4360 afcc c9e2d3175d5e
14 points

Can't deal with cheap paper

Preview c26f1cf3 f622 42b4 be8b c7811f112109
59 points

I am not going to be blamed over the evil things in the past. Without us, this world would be a mess.

Preview c7fe3343 cb80 40ef 93dd 363e7f514edf

I just don't feel safe without doing it

Preview 457a7f41 fcf8 4c51 b3df 5eb0db7e27a2
12 points

Just realized

Preview 87d08d74 39c9 4ae8 b4dc d6108cb6c637
20 points

I this normal?

Preview b1b9cc4e 3bb8 42b9 a117 8adf37fcd9cf
12 points

Bulgarian, english, spanish, serbian, russian

Preview 4047c4a3 b030 4a65 aba5 919bd73dc0ee
14 points

Not including porn etc.

Preview 633cc555 9c3a 446c a698 7df2e75b40aa
52 points

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