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Meanwhile, In Walmart...

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86 points

When I get old....

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86 points

My dad passed away in late October. This is what i found when i was going through his computer.

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124 points

Career ladder of pornstar

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106 points

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

Preview 20438d9c 18a8 432e 8480 ee3943215269
76 points

Shopping cart with a calculator

Preview 3c30bcb3 5dac 486c b192 ca65cadf857c
73 points

Taking items out of peoples shopping cart! CHALLENGE/PRANK

22 points

Maybe overloaded

Preview 5a9f7cb6 132e 489f b8f6 5e0970347f08
76 points

Civ V Issues

Preview dc12882f 1dc2 4999 bfd0 fadec6bc57ec
97 points

Breaking news

Preview 4278d28e 1eae 4d7a 8d40 727cdd515628
48 points

Your daily dose of WTF

Preview 0f9c7f20 cf7a 4dc4 bfbd 84db22978762
120 points

Sesame Street in the 1800s

Preview 86d97c2f 6090 481e 98dd e70f45fd6ea8
280 points

Found this for sale locally. Not sure if stupid or genius.

Preview 1386a6e1 b555 475e a71d 6cb904ce6be3
59 points

Three Happy meals for us and one for the horse

Preview 2fce6f8a fba9 412b 810a d9d72bfdfc48
123 points

Old meme coming through...

Preview 17a23b07 9623 4cdf 910b 081679afba9f
11 points

Kashmiris trolling

Preview 89a4c594 be6c 4870 a1c9 e0d61dd5f395
9 points

Big Bird is a dick.

Preview 64139028 de44 4be8 b4a6 6a8573174f19
52 points

The Amish raising a barn in Hammond, NY in 2017

Preview 9dd248a8 0fcb 4a92 a64c bf5f7d2c9815
60 points
Preview 46d06cbb 83a3 4826 8020 4a457467e67f
103 points
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135 points

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