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Eastern time zone perfection

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Thought I'd boost morale a bit, after the US didn't qualify for the World Cup soccer

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104 points

A guide to understanding Australia

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109 points

God save the queen

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137 points

It's a Christmas miracle.

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91 points

Now for today's US weather

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92 points

The damn truth

Preview 8b6a45a6 d3d0 4e2b 98dd c601aa679043

Be woke, people. This is the truth.

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72 points

Romans. 2000 years ago. Enough said

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60 points

Land of the free, home of the hazards!

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41 points

Sums up the weather here

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Current map of the US of A

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56 points

There is a solar eclipse. HOW CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT TRUMP?!?!?!

Preview e00dc987 1ea6 4539 9eec f044a181bb4d
81 points


Preview 0f46100b 2271 4bae 97a2 efd82de9ef81

Obama was really born in Hawaii.

Preview b50c44be 45dd 4103 ad6d aea4f492ab19

The size of hurricane Irma!

Preview 986ee410 c970 4fad a821 8df5eef3f9c2
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Most common surnames in European countries.

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