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Philosophy humor

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16 points

*grabs popcorn*

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The answer to all of your problems

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This cat behind the cat nip

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Don’t worry CVS, it happens to a lot of guys.

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Cat in a box with a cat in a box

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20 points

Improved version

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This was on my amazon box

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23 points

tuna disposal

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Always cite your sources

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86 points

Oh dear, dad tried to print a video....

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16 points

Well played, Amazon

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Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

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Sometimes you have to spell it out

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16 points

Caught someone trying to illegally set off the fire alarm.

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90 points

The Law Of Cats

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15 points

Your move, Schrödinger.

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76 points

The hunter stalks her prey

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16 points

If you say so

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