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Make him famous

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61 points

Mocha is in time out for biting her human.

Preview dafb6b4c 8dd7 472d 9de6 decef7ba2aee

If.... I.... fits.... I SITS

Preview b30db501 401d 4f12 8771 c125ff489ca7
56 points

Mmm biscuits

Preview 2da0d701 7552 4d31 b71e 6202605baa0b
91 points


Preview c92644c7 87e0 402f 8518 f4ecf39c8850
66 points

My friend was protecting his laptop from a Pringles/Coke combination

Preview 28905276 c756 420a 942d af0b400c0cf8
110 points

Authentic Signature

Preview 597fe8bc 7057 4906 95ad cba386bdac5e
74 points

This coconut water with an attitude

Preview 2d683185 a563 4941 a3c5 a84a0f512f70
76 points

Eggs anyone?

Preview 1e339690 5547 4eab a847 c2780af2d75a
85 points

don’t eat on the metro kids

Preview 64b70b9b 5eb4 479d 9bf7 49cdf6232895
108 points

Lmk how my 3-4 year olds will be marching like an “art” and why I left my aids in charge for the day

Preview 80607a70 5cf2 474b b9c0 8a43ea086a5f
105 points

Mathecatics Equation

Preview a3c56a07 f3be 4b05 9e42 7e98aba5b716
91 points

My local bike shop has this sign hung up by the register.

Preview 0ef7aea1 180e 473d 9716 5b7c0ae01d47
90 points

Weird box left outside my door

Preview f4ef24ae 4330 4b76 8d9c 23f59cf839d5
55 points

I work at a Mexican restaurant in Virginia. Had to do a double take when I saw this sign and didn’t read the top part first.

Preview 9638cfab 3ec0 463a ad15 9e0df1c4e2e4
112 points

A new way to mess with your friends when you ship them something. Fine print matters.

Preview 6a4e125f ac07 4a7c a5e8 2b5dfa34ced2
120 points

Cat showing independence

Preview 97b92bb6 6138 4b98 8053 4980fb92b2b0
108 points

When your cat won't let you work

Preview b416c8e0 1663 4999 baeb 559354af76ea

Well played, Amazon.

Preview d0adcb38 eff9 48fa b74a 65534355cd0c
94 points

This kids got a bright future.

Preview 25746a56 28d6 49aa b851 6725deea0254
73 points

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