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When you actually have to tell people your cat actually isnt missing

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Stand up against racial stereotypes

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20 points

Plans for the future

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74 points

You don't say....

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17 points

Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it's some serious shit!

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23 points

This is gonna be me

Preview c36c7add b378 4b9d 80db d2b586e24cc8
68 points

Super pumped to read these for the first time!

Preview 35aeb09b 6448 4a1f ba9a 5bf31c8c89f1

Max must NOT be allowed in the library. Cross posted from r/cats

Preview fa71beeb 7dee 4707 a8a7 7a95b0272178
23 points

I loled

Preview 77399242 f40f 427b 82c0 2ff767fb411b
55 points

My teacher friend was given this by a student. Merry Christmas indeed.

Preview 4c92b47d a93b 4621 8880 618be55f74a3
45 points

When the relatives come to stay.

Preview 6d113b60 3cf5 4e92 8799 bfa76f7434e7

I made a Mad Magazine text fold-in for a friend who was having issues with depression. It was one of the few things that cheered him up.

Preview 1ed11a2f 8333 488b 816b 557a411f91fa
67 points

Good one

Preview dcf80433 4f6e 4dab a48d 3f6ae1300e6f
95 points

Uhhh wow

Preview 78a4c121 6358 4b34 8bc2 4bafc1e02498

I'm confused

Preview 4114128c 3072 4680 9f6e 5064f5702f88
24 points


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33 points

Philosophy humor

Preview c9e1d01b 391a 4881 a807 4e34e8af2783
21 points

*grabs popcorn*

Preview 269511c9 8dfc 457b a0b2 f4942aa5cecb

The answer to all of your problems

Preview 02b130fe f9f0 467c 9dc3 8ea10913a867
73 points

This cat behind the cat nip

Preview a2f1b31e 8f63 4055 961a 4acfd4c2e6c6

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