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No more brain cancer guys

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20 points

Welcome to India

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21 points

Bender is love, Bender is life.

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Cool uncle

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24 points

Childhood difficulties

Preview 47bae46a a8b9 4e56 874b d92f5dc99e4f
60 points

As an Estonian, I approve. Tere kõigile eestlastele!

Preview da34d805 a874 4d42 8e8c fe9702b13dcb

Party Hard

Preview bcf4d61d 3496 4114 99bf d47c4bcda62f
57 points

Family Guy on ultra.

Preview 4d010593 98bd 4017 9e85 b3e0b1c57a23
68 points

Haters will say it's fake

Preview cb935b15 7a00 4e9c 8255 c1b0a83f88fd
22 points

-I'm gonna put a shitload of cannon in this music -Tchaïkovsky, no ! -tchaïkovsky yes !

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21 points

An obligatory partner in crime

Preview f2489941 2177 478b a936 79c4f8c28a73
57 points

Why do humans live? ( reproduction for Survival, Survival for what?)

Preview a19d8825 2203 43bc a04d 4752858cfb62
23 points

Indian Police

Preview 6aad7b8f a990 4f29 b054 d1d631ba4515
21 points

How can you have any pudding IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT.

Preview 57553596 f200 4dd9 a9c2 061b0666d81c
19 points

Where real men cried

Preview 7912d91d debe 4173 811b 2758f76a4a67

Can I please make an announcement?

Preview 9feb273e f052 41bf 9c33 ea142ec35a3f

Love this

Preview 3b6c9a0e d037 4e2d 8f78 6fbc024b511c
23 points

Ohhhhh Dinklebeeerrrg.

Preview 6b8d254a d6d4 4cdf 97ec c38bc5bb331f
21 points

My childhood

Preview 980546a8 2252 422f b125 ac1d42513499
19 points

Actually yes, if you think that way

Preview 05defef9 ee64 45be 8965 38413e419ddb
74 points

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