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Just chillin at the local dive...

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217 points

Today was my last day at work, so I bought the team a cake

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130 points

Mid blow out of a Funny Car

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131 points

Seems like a legit form of measurement

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72 points

It rained a bit today

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67 points

Lovely day at macdoualds

Preview bd7ab362 c7f3 4311 9d18 518ef2676d25
90 points

Neighbour got evicted today, this is what their baby had been sleeping in

Preview acc014ae a742 437c 824e 2dd04b081bef
101 points

Rustic country kitchen

Preview 0b1c9a80 947b 43d9 b312 8173607eda7d
65 points

When you flying United

Preview 56f4fd02 6270 4cc0 a4ff fda9d15b71e7
115 points

This game sounds like so much fun.

Preview 2ee6a978 1b6d 4570 aa5c 4facf3ef1749
73 points

When you make an absurd request and your family supports it.

Preview f8a2693d 0a22 4fe8 b862 0aef236549c6
74 points

I’m buying a car from my dad for $2,500. This is how I’m giving him the money tomorrow

Preview 5d8fef2d 834c 4cad 89d6 e9891544c363
72 points

Sibling life

Preview f4dd148a 1d0d 4eda a0ee 04208fc51eb4
66 points

Mac for work, windows for?

Preview 8456a3ea dbca 49f5 9f19 8757e72c64b3
81 points

Ohhhh yeahhhh

Preview 283ffffd 4c91 4443 bb52 dad3fc5d50c0
79 points

Found at a Truck Stop Off of I-40 in Tennessee, for All of Your Trucker Dueling Needs...

Preview ebafe871 2443 4bca 8e45 caa86d62ba9d
114 points

Mistakes were made

Preview bc4df75d e3c3 4c29 b8bc 4175ce81efeb
81 points

Marine surprised her sick grandfather for a very emotional first salute

Preview 0c7471ea 6530 4ecc 9ee3 f94629ff27f6
100 points

They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.

Preview 2cf22e84 47ad 4106 8962 b18f99d98964
77 points

The New Neighbors

Preview cc09fd84 cbf2 44e8 b901 71636a47d682
44 points

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