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"Fofão", Brazilian kids show character from the 80s

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87 points

Not mine..

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64 points

*pants dropping*

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78 points

Track me not

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68 points


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79 points

Future me

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24 points


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9 points

Dear God, don't let this become a trend please

Preview d602d793 06e6 4ac0 bffb c970b05ebfc3
18 points

Girls fashion early 00's vs. 2017. Low waist jeans on girls where did you go

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155 points

A twist in the tale

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37 points

Kill myself

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10 points

We are developing revolutionary 2D game it has multiplayer and - just one button is needed to play! watch video.

161 points

She is 18 so she is legal.

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113 points

Big butt problems

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20 points

One of my students asked if he could charge his shoes in the computer lab.

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277 points

Maria Doroshina

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My wife want this shirt

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323 points

Shut Up And Take My Money!! Give It To Me

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338 points

I think it's best for everyone that way.

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132 points

One of the main reasons that I wear this brand

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