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Pretending he didn’t steal the hair tie...

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A college of Izzy, my always-spooked kitty.

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12 points

He was pissed my other cat was coming by him

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Cats wearing hats made from their own hair

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94 points

This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

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Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

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59 points

they still ask me why I named him Lucifer

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I see your stretching greyhound jerk and raise you a stretching fluffy jerk

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Someone moved from the couch.

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No it's ok, I don't need to study for that exam

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I WAS gonna practice on my keyboard today.

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'Nam flashback

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64 points

You don’t need this ear, do you?

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First, a saucer of milk. Then I invade Czechoslovakia.

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67 points

Licking the chops

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She did this when I put Logan Paul on, no joke...

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The Great Tabini

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Funny Cat

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52 points

he was in the middle of a head shake

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