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I got nothing

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When she's angry but can't handle her cuteness

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I was not told this was for a picture!

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Meanwhile Conor is ready for the fight...

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He froze when I said, "Hi."

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Found kittens in a bucket by a dumpster, someone left them for Irma to take them. I took them

Preview ab403d3d 4edc 4273 996e d08d4b79fabe

Who, me?

Preview fb1889c8 a5a6 46cc 9dd2 30d76f95ad06

Reaction to my early morning singing.

Preview 2208d79a 2e3d 41e9 8afe 7a7afda483e6

She's been in a state of startledness since being spayed

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No respect for rules at all.

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Whoosh, you've seen the real image now

Preview bd7b0ae8 0306 422d acef cf28342565e3
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Cat broken, pls refund

Preview 76a007fb 01da 4101 bf8b 79d946b78308
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This cat decided to maul my leg whilst ordering pizza in Paris, owner says that's how you know he likes you...

Preview c8c54695 42c8 4b01 b436 c6f5683adfae

Startled by jingles

Preview ecaf6975 d359 4dc4 9959 96928880f01e

Little Fluffball

Preview ffb93dd5 0fe9 4644 9286 21455ffb61f0
13 points

Such a beautiful baby

Preview d37984e4 ca9a 4b5a a589 2f86322a37b8
10 points

Butters in the headlights

Preview 2f7bbe83 ffdb 41dc be54 df42c67e94e3
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Look at these dumb floofs playing with their tails

Preview ac64a213 75e6 4512 9bda 3d2123ace898

Hello ! !

Preview f66b03c9 107e 4f33 bea3 e3e07ad12229

That feeling!!

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