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Inside the most expensive real estate in the world, Buckingham Palace

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20 points

Glowing stone garden

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15 points

A warm day in Oymyakon, Russia

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17 points

Anyone else into goth style rooms?

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18 points

Great Hall Foyer, Manchester Town Hall, UK

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18 points

Folies Bergère, Paris, France

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14 points

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle

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18 points

Geared up for getting down

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41 points

Some shots I got in Venezia. what do you guys think? :)

Preview c64d7a13 df3d 445c 997c 5912894a6816

Kazan, Russia

Preview 2e2e76ca 8fdb 4c96 b559 f590279f961d
14 points

Eclipse over Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

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16 points

Catholic Cathedral in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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24 points

I work here. It's pretty nice.

Preview d03114cc e301 4f60 8a41 dd8d76977c4b
19 points

One of the greatest

Preview 821b7200 afca 43d3 934f 32f92d26b4f0

How the sun looks when you take a pictures at the same place and time every week for a year

Preview ac388532 010f 4cb2 a0b1 39f6b2784bf6
140 points

Bird's soul leaving it's body.

Preview 85eeb23b b7b7 40d1 8f2d 4fcbffddb6f7

Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

Preview 8de90958 c677 4fec af7f fec992e5d805
21 points

I wonder who would waste their lives building that...

Preview b9840c4a 6a51 4150 9dc1 14bdca2d6686
14 points

Milan, Italy.

Preview a637c63c 1821 4f47 b15c 6283fb641fd0
409 points

Assassin slav

Preview 5e2c5ee8 eeb4 49f2 a8d7 b2092115ede3
331 points

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