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My heart is melting

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Horse throwing rider.

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There will always be a bigger fish

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Saw this glorious old beast today.

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This Sweet Baby Cow

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Life. Welcome to it. Not much better than the alternative.

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Alternative "Got Milk?" Campaign

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When the udder wants to get swole

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Flower Crown Cow

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How To Butcher An Entire Cow: Every Cut Of Meat Explained

160 points

Male/female priorities

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212 points

Loving it when she wakes me up in the morning!

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Wrong calf?

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Good day sir....

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105 points

Give it a caption...

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I am afraid to imagine what will happen next.

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Horse throwing rider.

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197 points

We all have shitty days every now and then

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229 points

Do you even lift bruh

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