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Darker then dankey.....

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148 points

Just look at him

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Applies to me .

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155 points

Walk the talk

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66 points

what a waste

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133 points

Come on brothers and sister! Let's remember our Lord and Savior in his time of the year.

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103 points

When you see reviews for the new Mummy.

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Natasha Romanoff

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1,044 points

Describe your sex life with a song title

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69 points

Hans get ze gas

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235 points

Here's my uncle Fred turning 105 three weeks ago , his first car was a Model A ford

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103 points


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76 points

With God as your witness

Preview 3d2471eb 3808 4233 a160 cdce09a35079
70 points

Being in a healthy relationship

Preview 6e18cfc1 41e4 46b1 ab03 b9f7b3b594db
89 points

Mr. Bean with a young Christian Bale

Preview d5b6ebb3 624f 412d a2c6 01be97ac0747
85 points

Funny meem eks deee emoji

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101 points


Preview d1465015 a87c 49c8 8865 626fdd6ae702
108 points

That took a turn

Preview 84112ead 4f5c 40a0 a20c 29c5e216bda1
98 points

History posts...

Preview 5d3e522f dad8 44bd 9776 08eacaa21d18

Kids go watch Star Trek it will give you morals.

Preview c1ab60d0 da92 4f09 86bf 3783b046804f

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