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Rescued this guy from a circus 5 months ago. He is almost 30 and he's going to live his last years of life peacefully.

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15 points

Interesting Facts

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12 points

This horse has a mustache

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9 points

My GF went to help out at a barn and met this majestic beast.

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16 points

Horse throwing rider.

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Seems there is a solution for everything...

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18 points

Horse with gun from the 1900's

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93 points

When a client asks to see the manager but the manager says the same thing as you.

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14 points

When you see "whom" instead of "who"

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Maybe she's born w it, maybe it's mane-baline

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My voice is hoarse too

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One Ring to rule them all.

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Ever seen a fat horse, here's one

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6 points

This horse looks like Kim Kardashian

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11 points

Defend the Net!

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2 points

Newborn horse learning how to eat.

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Learn your history lessons

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119 points

Is he just majestic af or what?

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101 points

The news here in Australia....

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