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Dem Gaming Feels

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182 points

Dual head horse

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141 points

Meeting the big dogs

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72 points

Brought by soldiers hand, back to the fatherland, long live Carolus Rex.

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140 points


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96 points

Lovely ponytail.

Preview fb0e88f0 f120 4e8b b01a b592776ea0f0
134 points

So that’s how it’s done!

Preview 01c9ad24 a185 4740 8f59 11a88726a861
93 points

Two lesbian horses 69

Preview 2be7a0ba 82f9 476e a78b 7a13ad14799d
142 points

Where is autocorrect when you need it

Preview a7638b88 2951 491d af7a bb42d65abec3
108 points

People in 2017 be like " The Simpsons predicted it"

Preview 010da292 a6af 40c8 a56a 9eacc83b0dbc
148 points

The Mythical Dorse

Preview 2a6a068d 8deb 42f6 9847 dc151314923d
81 points

Just hussar things

Preview 58c152a4 2594 4f42 91e6 d33fa64f07f0

Got me every time 💯

Preview a18b240c 430b 4d2a b524 43ab70dd4fec
92 points

When allergy season hits

Preview 5ce5c176 45fc 4830 9dbc 257f54deca20
139 points

When the teacher said you have 5 more minutes

Preview 8ae174af 5f3e 4a89 8565 4d83f9eccefd
93 points

Some beautiful Devian Art.

Preview 78a290e9 d03a 4382 a2ee d53a1f486f35
57 points

Mom's got no chill

Preview 96d9b79d 3b09 4bc9 b2a8 df08591ddb0a
107 points

I f**kin love H.P Lovecraft

Preview cc6a7598 87bb 4d94 af83 330288e12c59
52 points

I just want to remind you that animal's genders are also just social constructs

Preview 19ee2826 f14c 4952 b3b2 240cb14f81c2
133 points

I don't know

Preview 9c1e20f0 d1bf 41b6 89b0 e941491f097e
67 points

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