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A local restaurant takes parking seriously

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116 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

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98 points

Chinese Restaurant

Preview c7d8e165 5a63 4eaa 991c e1455aed3223
113 points

To Catch a Santa - Guy duct tape and bricks over 20 flood lamps on his roof and on makeshift posts around his house.

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81 points

I have some questions now

Preview cf057831 0512 4d00 a531 30be343128f6
92 points

Reserved parking for Grandpa Rick

Preview af84b13c 6d7d 4e33 8a66 d062402c4f87
117 points

Step 1: bring wife and a friend. Step 2: say you and your friend are a couple. Step 3: ... step 4: profit

Preview 92eaf485 801c 4dac 9146 4521c719f63e
126 points

Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

Preview d68fa57d 6546 4339 bfef f496a215ea41
65 points

Traffic lights in Iceland spreading the love

Preview 5465208e 6dd5 4e94 b7bd d9a8d6b80bbb
70 points

Hey, dog owners...

Preview 7112308d 14f1 4cf3 9731 4107ae2e014e
89 points

Ling ling!!! Why you do this??

Preview 78e705ef ce47 4a58 827f a3ef3da4dcc0
77 points

"You're in" Danger at the Norfolk Zoo.

Preview 2cff3253 036e 403a 95ce e58cba879667
97 points

Don't buy property next to a farm...

Preview 388736cc b6bf 4f1c 9fd9 76a3a2f1bb30
91 points

Like What You See?

Preview afe3afde 375e 4e8c 9c88 4ed64c3ce592
40 points

Water is wet

Preview a948106c e377 4c72 b0e3 7d7ecd35d10e
330 points

This sign is still on the roadside to my uncle's house.

Preview 0692cedc 5a12 4046 8842 57393432f557
74 points
Preview e8ec6fdf c1a0 48f7 b448 aa6b7487114f
197 points

This is hilarious!

Preview 635dcc11 cb1f 41fa 8cb1 448793d0b26f
235 points

The real walking dead

Preview 62c92dca 4987 4cde abef 5a62cc583ce0
115 points

At the local baseball park

Preview 71659227 6708 4ab1 91a6 839ef15f6028
127 points

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