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Black kitchen with concrete countertops and an industrial skylight/window in the Balham neighborhood of London.

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24 points

Gorgeous reading room in Newport, RI home

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74 points

Stretching interior pool with beautiful natural light and hardwood ceilings

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142 points

Kitchen and living area features polished concrete floors and double-height ceilings in this mid century modern mountain home located in Truckee, California.

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17 points

Second floor bedroom located in Santorini

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11 points

Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel

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13 points

Formerly an ink manufacturing facility, this residence in Indianapolis, Indiana boasts bright, open interiors in an industrial shell.

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14 points

Living area in a converted barn features polished concrete floors and dual garage doors to allow for airflow in this home in West Monroe, Louisiana.

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14 points

Spacious living room located in London

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14 points

Hogwarts irl only in Romania

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11 points

Open dining and living area features double-height glass walls and exposed beams and rafters in this home located in the Berkshires.

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1 points

Kitchen and dining area uses contrasting colors and textures to create a sense of separate spaces in this loft apartment in TriBeCa.

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2 points

A kitchen with painted Maple cabinets and four Working Stations

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2 points

The false- entrance of the Frank Lloyd Wright Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI

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2 points

Boston Opera House, Boston MA

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1 points

Sitting area by the fireplace uses a mix of concrete, natural larch wood and iron in this contemporary stone cabin situated in Piateda, Italy.

Preview 597c44e9 380d 4926 b977 708ca1391bee
16 points

Open kitchen/dining room located on Floreana Island, Ecuador

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101 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

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123 points

Living room with plenty of natural light located in Luque, Paraguay

Preview 8dd1d8ea 91c4 40ab 8d8c 08b1ea3cd25c
109 points

Living Room and Kitchen, Tokyo

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191 points

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