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Inspirational Kitchens with Integrated Refrigerator

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19 points

A grand room decorated for a Victorian Christmas. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK

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19 points

JOHN LAUTNER’s, Elrod House, Setting of the JAMES BOND Movie Diamonds are forever

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18 points

The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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13 points

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's Brooklyn Living Room

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14 points

The ceiling of the "smoking area" of this airport

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18 points

So much for privacy...

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17 points

Édifice Gilles-Hocquart, Québec National Library and Archives, Montréal, Québec

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19 points

Sprawling kitchen and living area in this palatial mobile home

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21 points

Spacious living room with slanted ceiling, located in Melbourne, Australia

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18 points

The cable management at this Kroger.

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17 points

Spitbank Fort a private island located in the Solent

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54 points

The ceiling of a smoking area in an airport

Preview 53a581f2 24eb 4463 bd17 7516a30ef85f
17 points

Plenty of windows through this house, located in Chosica, Peru

Preview 25ff089b 28e1 436f b4f4 1425e78d7b9d
17 points

World's narrowest house , Warsaw, Poland

Preview 021511a3 e98e 400f 8cd9 2321f5925c20
20 points

Passive house in Vermont

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18 points

Lobby in Four Seasons, Budapest

Preview 8d02a6e7 f8f2 41c9 ad54 f59aefba68a6
10 points

Exquisite contemporary waterfront home with dramatic coastal views in West Vancouver, Canada

Preview 863869b6 1212 49a6 a79f ddfe0771bad8
11 points

Massive open concept living space

Preview e6649191 7e9a 4e38 b5a0 03ab607630fe
19 points

Steve Wozniak's Sterile Los Gatos Living Room.

Preview 5fa1cff3 5b31 4047 80cb 6a09fb1981b8
18 points

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