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Modern Titanic Relaunch

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103 points

"I used to be stressed until I started yoga, you should try it!"

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125 points

So true😂

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103 points

Irish Women

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124 points

Mixed message

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68 points

He Knows When You Are Sleeping...

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112 points

Mother Nature vs fireworks

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101 points

He was more patient with him than I would have been


"That's gotta be at least 12"

Preview d80084a4 f524 49b4 b1a2 874db5b73f53
124 points

I still haven't mentioned this close call to my wife

Preview 7309201b b526 4686 ad2b e6d41e87836a
109 points

Lost my helium-balloon 20 xmas ago

Preview 1abdce2a e7d2 413e 8a29 cd0b47db2c43
103 points

Merry Christmas

Preview 44325719 43b5 41f3 812c bac5438a5420
80 points

I still haven't mentioned this close call to my wife

Preview bc1b804a 572e 4aef accf 7dd68fd88ed2

The shadow of Thor's hammer made it look like Stan Lee peed himself.

Preview c8702f97 15ef 4d5e bf82 21042ca7402d
138 points

My coworker looks like he is spewing Christmas joy all over the girl in front of him.

Preview dcdc1504 3ce3 49a9 94e8 2f4edceec3d7
96 points

We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

Preview 1727f1db 06d4 4e5d 9f4b ff8b671c4393
87 points

Caught in the act.

Preview c55e4a6b 2a3f 4e5a b2b8 6b10ded5eede

Santa and his sexy reindeer

Preview 250eae48 f203 4ab8 9871 365fc92beec3
54 points

I'm 25.

Preview 5ed575dc 76c5 4c68 8f1d b35fa14a144f
93 points

The New Avengers Movie is Looking Great

Preview 2eda2f60 ce17 4b8a b863 e0e8ef85bc2a
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