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It's a palm tree

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125 points

Low budget

Preview 2c615c5d 8a56 4daf 8c51 156ca8a968d3
192 points

Friend found this at a dump yard the other day. Anybody have any idea what this grave is or what it says?

Preview b53ee4df 7ae1 48ae bb21 60af6dab2150
81 points

Get in

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133 points

Can I let you go, the dog is looking at me.

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Questions that need to be answered

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133 points

A bin at the end of my road . i dont live in a nice area.

Preview 548f77f6 eae1 4518 8ea8 e3ee0aa97665
123 points

Nailing the basics.

Preview 19b31da0 98d5 4061 81b6 826900f66f9e
113 points

This is a brick outside the main building on my campus

Preview 420a0c62 c7ed 4ae5 bad5 ee4338465189
84 points

Melvinia Shields memorial

Preview 01362929 2e6e 479c be42 2212f630c8e5
166 points

Eight, nine...

Preview 65faab7e 5b59 487d 844b 6b8f4667f4e3
59 points

You won't be able to unsee it

Preview e9234d32 001c 4d88 89e7 d8bb11a19bc5
118 points

Blowing out eaves trough before winter hits


I hate war

Preview 0bc9db3f cd9c 4d1f b8c5 805492cbca6c
85 points

I'm not crying, you're crying!!!

Preview f850c9f3 1137 4ebd ae9a 2fb9aa7e58dc
107 points

Found an interesting tombstone

Preview 8feb3e38 a06b 4c4e b70a bb483bd2193c
143 points

The monument to rats used for DNA research in the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia

Preview 21b886b1 8df9 4dff a0aa 79edf946304f
76 points


Preview 8269d68b 3db1 4553 9e4a 91a8ad1f1e4e
84 points

So many things happened

Preview 6882b659 2e4c 4e75 ac7e 7911b76c4a8e
66 points

Skyrim perk memes are the best

Preview d6e85787 403a 473d a212 9c386a3871fc
232 points

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