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The passion of the adulterer

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96 points

Something about Ash’s mum forcing Mr Mime to sit on the floor and eat out of a dog bowl makes me uneasy

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98 points

Delivering pizzas

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103 points

Darwin’s finches

Preview a3fcdadb 5503 46d6 a88a a585389d5cc1
95 points

Funny, but deep shit?

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79 points

They forgot the ad that appears over the whole screen.

Preview c08aecc6 402e 4c9e 8a3e 3e6252c5006c
118 points

The early bird gets the worm??

Preview 5d562972 d034 4a4c 8d3a 7b8da668d176
82 points

Sleep Mode

Preview 6a400fa7 a493 4812 99a8 4e3ea8eea9fc
85 points

Meanwhile, in china...

Preview fe48396f 1194 4243 a9cb 7da51f4b31b2
74 points

One day, Donkey fell down a hole...

Preview cfcd7678 2ba3 4d6e bfd1 01cc6a881f42

How the constitution really went down

Preview f3d8d98f 3143 4150 a92f 869bb7e31ebf
87 points

Happy Earth Day!

Preview 99c7aab2 78b3 4998 a83c 62ac427a6479
82 points

Leave the plants alone :)

Preview 1c6c9f4d 021a 4aa8 9ae8 2bf535169ce6
79 points

Fake News

Preview e16803ad b030 4f58 8a39 890ac464d9c2
79 points

Girls phone number

Preview 36827e78 2e73 4157 8a8b 3a4b4be3aa13
89 points

Is Pepsi OK?

Preview c35533ab 3793 404f b8f6 2f66fafe6b3a
75 points

😂😂 I loved Codename: Kids Next Door growing up.

Preview 9da20b3e 8fc3 45f3 9784 de95fe68ba0f
75 points

Veterans will chuckle

Preview 74846480 ad2b 471f 8e48 9257e94dbdc4
82 points

Good question, better answer.

Preview 1044a4d6 5243 4e0c 86e8 241dd81af9cd
76 points

April Fools Day

Preview 105816ee dbf4 41ec 89c4 b6c7104b37f1
95 points

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