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The new toy story looks amazing

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10 points

Photo Bomb Wedding photo Ruined

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TiT BirB

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10 points

Never too late to tie the knot

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17 points

Hahahaha....Im so broke.

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11 points

Rabbi was excited at my friends' wedding

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70 points

We need Magneto!!

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8 points

Russian Armed Forces selfie

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20 points

Friend graduated from Hogwarts

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When everyone gets a cock except you...

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3 points

Game Of Thrones

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199 points

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom trying to get that extra inch.

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Laughs in magneto

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3 points

The new King of Thailand

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13 points

Romanian patriarch sanctifying a brand new church

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7 points

These specially trained people tell stars where to stop on the red carpet. And you’re still complaining about your job?

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167 points

Is porn school a thing?

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156 points

Here! Living With Dead Bodies For Weeks, Or Years Is A Tradition


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