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Why isn't my sink draining? Not a dreadlock mon!

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67 points

Modern Art made out of human hair.

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151 points

How to make a chair 100 feet in the air


Employee Fridge at Safeway

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69 points

Can't even do that right 🤦

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112 points

The Future

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108 points

Today, my husband found a completely flattened opposum head in a parking lot.

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105 points

The (almost) total eclipse as it traversed the sky

Preview d87e6b18 9498 457c bd19 45a989d1d625
106 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

Preview fb264b11 6092 4601 bef7 3dc3ab2070e5
165 points

Swiss who?

Preview 7d7b8a60 e8cc 4e4f ad98 b71ff1d3d8b8
15 points

Fresh water and salt water mix, Ter River estuary, Spain

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151 points

Fresh water and salt water mix, Ter River estuary, Spain

Preview 78d18fa2 e6e6 4b39 b235 946c225e01a7
101 points

Useful information

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136 points

More proof that men are better in everything

Preview ac4ac90c 4ce2 4777 ad99 b320fc0e7742
110 points

When stupid people become scientist

Preview 4d55b288 2af3 4b90 87ed 748f345e576f
93 points

Dreadlock necklace

Preview d7f813cc bc99 477c a6a7 8d109879a0b6
67 points

In case you have to study or something.

Preview e4d963e9 8ce3 438f aa58 9eae049cfdec
65 points

Ancient Graeco-Roman solid bronze phallic amulet in the form of a pripus with hindquarters of a horse, suspended by a chain, with pendants attached at base.

Preview 84354302 62fc 483e 8952 34ae285a0951
76 points

That sad moment

Preview 98c02d8e bdf3 4384 90c8 d097c706ef37
21 points

After 17 years, I did it!

Preview 3962a1be 8740 4662 8f19 84f96a1d4dec
173 points

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